Draped In Gold

Draped In Gold Lyrics Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

[Verse 1]
Caution, when the Silkk The Chakras have gone bonkers
Awkward, after shocking her as an object
Was draped in gold Versace
Clowning like the great Pagliacci
Oxycontin, rotten crotch sleeves glossy
Groggy, mozzarella cock down hoes 'til they knock me
Hasenpfeffer, Bugs Bunny colored Aquas
Operate like an optometrist
Don't know if they operate
But it fit the brahma slip
Ramadan, rhyming on Double Dragon Oh Bulan
Bruce Lee, Billy Lee, runnin' from the Shadow King
Ratchet like Earthworm Jim when he clear the screen
Yeah, I can hear you scream
No, I don't fear no dreams
Ketchup and Tater Tots
Play the stores, evade the block
This nigga asked for change
This nigga hatin', mane
This nigga is a lame
This bitch is kicking game
"Damn, she's got a fat ass!"
And just then, my phone rang
Verbose like Conan
Two tons of gonads
The truth will be revealed inside the words of the beholden
Sandcastles, penny loafers with the tassels
Sermon echoed in the Agan Lagan tabernacle
Sucked inside a vacuum, half gone, will travel
Vortex, whores wet, swallowing my calcium
Airing out a Calico when niggas act barbarian
Drive by while I'm riding in a flaming chariot
Immaculate narcissist, Lex Luger torture rack
Keith Haring drawing, staring while I'm sipping Cognac
While I fuck you from the back
Draped in gold, nigga
Yeah, draped in gold…

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