Gone Lyrics Mikkey Halsted feat. Jim Lavigne,Lupe Fiasco

[Hook: Jim Lavigne]
When them bullets come out of the gun
And you're standing where there's nowhere to run
You're gone, you're gone, you're gone
You're gone, you're gone

[Verse 1: Mikkey Halsted]
Famous warriors on Peoria, mean on Green
Strangling men on ??? cannot intervene
Blood stay pouring on Morgan I'm stuck in between
Rocking hard play sports to keep the Glock on the spleen
This is rag-town wild 100 section
You could hear a pin drop when the when the folks is in a session
Only 13 when the G first blessed 'em
Gave him all of his slit and a black Smith and Wesson
He reppin', feeling like a veteran
High school, feeling like a king amongst the peasants
Four corner hustlers making sure he feel threatened
He ain't into wrestlin', shorty got a weapon
They keep sayin' what they gone do when they catch him
Not knowing what he snuck past the metal detectors, he reckless
Damn, they caught him on the bus
Shorty ain't think, shorty just bust

[Hook: Jim Lavigne]

[Verse 2: Mikkey Halsted]
On the corner, crack spot, ???
To the left, selling death out of black tops
Over East, Kofax, that block
Off the five, terror town, it's that hot
That nigga, right there, ??
Sipping lean, sizzurp and that pop
Baby cryin', cop sirens in the backdrop
Opposition keeps up, damn you heard that shot
(Shawty duck!)
He was stuck, blood spilled on the ground like his Crush
He's feeling cold to the touch, nigga hush
Don't speak, it's looking bleak for 'em
Looking like the Grim Reaper fixin' to reach for 'em
Jesus Christ, we need you to intercede for 'em
After father couldn't ?? for 'em

[Hook: Jim Lavigne]

[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Now I got 'em, back of the ambulance tryna to stop 'em
From stoppin', but he's shockin'
No other choice but to shock him, blood pressure droppin'
But he's a fighter, he's a boxer
Unless he wants to leave Ali's his only option
He sees the butterflies but tryna keep him conscience
His oxygen flow constant, it's just a consequence
And I've chauferred many and barely saved any
And I say he's about 20, not a bad paramedic they just good with the semis
So I don't feel bad, I gave everything in me
To bring him back to life, now I see his light dimming
Feel his soul slipping, he's all done
Turn the sirens off, we just lost one

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