Salvador Dali (Prod. By B EZE)

Salvador Dali (Prod. By B EZE) Lyrics MeLo-X

[Verse 1]
I see the times shifting and changing like a Dali painting
bout to bust like Dolly Parton
I just gotta keep my patience
Patience is a virtue
in this virtual world where they curse u
With thoughts of time running out
Gotta get the money now
Gotta make that money pile but for what
You can't take back to the grave with so what
As long as my presence is felt from heaven to hell
And even purgatory sending shots where devils will dwell
In the hearts of weak men I peep them
I'm the god year round fuck yo season
I'm seasoned in the art of defeating false idols with false titles
Soon they'll forget you like Alzheimers you false prophet
I profit of off my projects offered subscribers
As I travel the globe like a matador rolls
dodging the bullshit With a full clip aimed at your soul
Time to reload as the bodies hit the floor

Salvador Dali Flow
Act like ya'll Niggas know

[Verse 2]
Shawty said I hevent gone thru enough
Bitch I was born with a hole in my heart
See I was doomed from the start
Doc said he aint have long to live
That along with near death experiences
it was serious shit
But in the grand scheme its light compared to the plight
Of those who cant find the right nutrition for night
My position in life is decided by I
I mean decided by we the collective mind I mean
Eye and eye on this road of do or die
Budda bye bye to a guy in a suit or tie
Trying to tell me how to rewrite my lines
Imagine that its far from fact
I rather be broke than unhappy and signed
By a label who don't get it
They bull headed
U trying get ahead and get beheaded
Im deading the talks on who's the king of New York
Ya'll cud have that I'll remain the God of this Art

[Hook 2]
Next level shit
International, hoe
This that Salvador Dali flow
Act like ya'll niggas know
Salvador Dali (Prod. By B EZE)

A standout track from East Flatbush emcee/producer MeLo-X's 2013 EP "GOD: WiFi".

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