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[Verse1: Hodgy Beats]

Got my gun nigga'
Got-Got my gun nigga'
I got my gun nigga'
I said I got my gun!

So you talkin' bout assault and battery?
I'll stretch your chest cavity gradually
When I hit a nigga' with a hem-rock, in my moment of clarity
Death apparently, is my salvation, now bury me
Writes in violence, niggas bloody servile it
Violin playin' sims, while I'm in the act of being violent
Pimps know, bitches hoes
They call me silence cause all you hear is.. (Aaaaaahhhh!)
Get on the fuckin' floor give me my money bitch!
Or this bullet through your head is what your gonna see next
I was neglected as a child, I spazz out and reflect
And think to myself, (fuck)
Fuck it, grab the ol' ratchet, out the whole bucket (Yeah!)
Time for target practice in public
The humans I shoot in the head I stuff them, Muffets fuckin' puppets
Then move to the next victim on some flux shit

It's playful on the playground..(seesaw) It's playful, but I don't play round' (ugh)
You niggas gon' die, any day now (ugh)
I'm speakin' out my gold grill, and I got my chrome steel (Brraa!)
Finna' bust a nigga' in the head any day now (day now)
Playin' round' on the play ground (haha)(Yea!)
On the playground, niggas die any day now (Wolf Gang!)

[Hook x 2]
Kill them, them all
Watch them, them fall
Make sure, no cops are called
Kill them, them all

When I say "Kill them all", do it like theres a drill involved
Defeat em' n' beat em', pop em' and leave em'
Conceal a god damn weapon for a motha' fuckin' reason
Have a homicidal mental intendent and then he's bleeding weeping
I'm rooting for looters whos heavy shooters (yea!)
Loadin' niggas alone nigga' cause lord nigga' sit in the booster
Cock back the rooster and cocka' doodle doo ya'
I got hot holes for hot heads, medulla oblongata
The problem solved with salsa
You need a hit man, cause I'm the one rasta
Breakin' down ya' backdoor, waking ya' mom and papa
I'm hungry, whats for dinner? Bitch nigga' and lobster?
I don't fuck around nah, I don't fuck around
Throwin' NFL bullets, Ochocinco touch it down
Truth or dare bitch, I blast liars (ugh)
And cast fires
Leaving skinny niggas, flatter than fat tires

[Hook x 2]


[Hook x 2]

Fuck The Police

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