The Reign

The Reign Lyrics MC Eiht

I’m on the 9 1 Chevrolet crawl
Heading west where the motherfucking sun fall
West up y’all like my nigga Dub
I keep it level to the 13s don’t rub
38 snub if a nigga got beef
Ashtray roaches of some fucking chronic leaf
Grief gon come to some unlucky mother
We in so deep but I keeps my brother
Only the rap tales and niggas with high bails
Make sure the herb weigh right on the scales
Smoking in the city for real it’s no play
Smoke in the air and west this way
We come strapped so niggas a take flight
Or rather fuck around with a rat ass type
Yeah authentic words from the pen
Flow to the pad and yeah do it again

Baby it’s on you probably wonder why its taking so long
Bitch have my money niggas they tote straps
Compton all day west coast on the map

Niggas slang shit just the make ends grow
Fast money come nigga fast money go
Out spot light how I like my ho
Clyde Bonnie bitch on a one time show
Stay down for your nigga I’m headed back to jail
Money on the books mean the product sells
Hell that’s the motherfucking life I lead
Nigga on the run a ho and good weed
Music to drive by in the cd player
Words pronounced clear from the hood rhymes sayer
Pay your dues which way you chose
I’m west with it nigga so yeah that’s good news
Bitches sing the blues if she know Eigh lines
Maybe she know a nigga that’s just like mines
Trying to get mines we fines
It’s hard like I need a scene sometimes
And uh

The Reign

The veteran Compton rapper MC Eiht is prepping a new EP "Keep It Hood," which he's dropping on New Year's eve. This first single is produced by The Brenk Sinatra and scratches are added by DJ Premier.

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