Unplug Lyrics ¡MayDay! feat. Kardinal Offishall

If we're all connected then how do I unplug?
How do I break free from all these drugs that I love?
Tryna find a place in Heaven next to the sun
And hope that I’m awake the day the end finally comes
If we're all connected then how do I unplug?
How do I break free from all these drugs that I love?
Tryna find a place in Heaven next to the sun
And hope that I’m awake the day the end finally comes

[Verse 1]
Everybody wanna think they free
All the while they locked in tightly
Livin' for the rush, quick on the clutch
I’ve been low and I’ve been fucked up
I’ve been rich and I’ve been a bum
Seen it all and that’s more than once
Rolled it up and smoked it in blunts
On the road for what seemed like months
When I get up in the morning
Gotta greet the sun and stretch out these lungs
Some pay a high price for they ones
But not me, I’m a hard headed nut to bust, I fly off the cuff
But not us, I’m tired of fightin' shadows in the dusk
Movin' on but I gots no rush
Guess I’m in love with the pain, what can I say?
And I put this on my mama
It’s death before dishonor
I’ve been living by a code
It’s been extinct to these fake prima donnas
We piranhas, we survivors
We some unemployed 9 to 5’ers
Tryna express the pain that’s inside us
Tryna touch some gold just like Midas
Fuck what these haters gon' say
They hate themselves more than they hate me
No more tryin' to straight face
Mr. Nice Guy died with EMJ
And I’m still yellin' "where've you’ve been?"
While I give 'em all a taste of they medicine
Maybe one day I’mma see my friend
But until then I’mma say...


[Verse 2]
How do I unplug from the people I’ve been connected to for the longest?
Niggas that I’ve been rockin' with from the beginning of time
Knowin' damn well they ain’t the strongest
I ain’t perfect, far from Jesus
But I’m tryna change my global ovation
Things playin' over and over and over
Inside of my head but I can’t change the station nathin', damn
Maybe this blunt'll help
A little kush, but I ain’t smoked in about ten years
Used to move with a multitude of men
But now I’m down to about 10 peers
All my tears gone with beers
I ain’t equipped to deal with the way I really feel
I’m plugged into the outernet
But everything poppin' up isn't the really really real, no
Some do coke to try to escape
Some drink away the pain and rush to get baked
Shit, I gotta resist that
Gotta figure out what I’m really pissed at
My uncle told me the way the long life is to live your life stress free
So I turn the other cheek
And pretend like everything is everything, but this shit still stress me
What am I to do? How am I to beat that?
It’s like I live where the lies and the cheats at
And the good guys seem to finish last
And I haven’t figured out how I’m gonna defeat that
I'm just gonna do me regardless
Livin' the best life’s always the hardest
Tryna to chase after the martyrs
And disconnect and connect with our father


[Verse 3]
Is it me you grieve? Or just the reasons, kid?
You can be free to flee but please just do it vis-à-vis
Unplugged from negatives like it’s the only option, kid
But just grow up and speak this shit
Don’t do me like Robert did
Trike try for fowl
But above the other ruckus
He wasn’t even man enough to be a motherfucker
Digital VVN, the predatory pedophile
Who’s metamorphosed in a pile of shit up under my pedophiles
You’ve met him now
Gettin' drunk and smotherin' women cheddar style
Poking up under the devil’s house
You’re joking, brother would never fall - psych
Wrong, terminate the fact you even give a damn
Punch him dead in his Facebook, I’m down by where my limits land
Wait, 'cause here’s the fuckin kicker man
See I got mental pics for life so why did I even block your Instagram?
I’m killin links, a blinkin then the fam
They just connect us to direct us so I’ll never fully skip your rank


In July 2013, ¡Mayday! enlisted Kardinal Offishall for this collaborative cut from their "Believers" project, released in the same month.

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