Heal The World

Heal The World Lyrics Mannie Fresh


(Ladies and gentlemen) fresh,fre, fre, fre, fresh

Fre, fre, fre, fre, fresh (Once again)

Fre, fre, fresh, (Get ready)

(Verse 1)

B-bitches gonn love me, N-niggas gon' hate me

I don’t give a fuck, cause the bitches gon' take me

Everywhere I wanna go, everywhere I wanna be

Let a nigga penetrate, let me feel the ooh wee

Open up, backpack

30 thousand dollars in a Gucci backpack

Best time of my life

On Number 3 Michael Jordans tonight

Bitches can’t see me, turn on these lights

Watch my shoes nigga, we gonn fight (mmhhmm)

Drink, party, night, young

Weed, kill, sex, fuck

Rudolph the red-nose white chick

I got everything you motherfucking like chick

Tony Montana, … black jeans, black shirt, black bandana, get em


Twerk that ass, twerk that ass, I fuck around and murk that ass, murk that ass, damn it

Twerk that ass, twerk that ass, I fuck around and murk that ass, murk that ass, damn it

Heal the world, what’s happening, what’s happening, ha?

What’s happening, what’s happening, nigga, ha

What’s happening, what’s happening, ha?

Late late, nigga I’ll hold her, full of that drank

Bout to get it goin'

Got 10 bad broads, 6 cold bitches

Even got my main broad playing with the strippers

Got a wife in Frisko, girl in Oakland

When we get together, then she get open

She kiss her then kiss me, Instagram, my family

I wish every real niggas had a million to blow

I wish every real bitch had a million in gold

I wish every fake nigga just leave the planet

And all these fake bitches, baby I can’t stand it


Obama to your mama nigga I’m that dude

If you don’t really like me nigga you should move

That’s my girl, nigga she the shit

Ballin' in this bitch with the best outfit

When we come, we come like an unit

Haters can’t stand it, me and baby girl doing it

Oh lord, swipe that card, whatever baby girl need, Fresh go hard


A new one from Mannie Fresh of unknown origins

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