Babylon (Prod. By Wundermine)

Babylon (Prod. By Wundermine) Lyrics   Mann feat. Matik

[Hook: Matik]
Fire still ablaze and it just can't stop
flames them a burn front he bottom to the top
Mr politician why you send the dirty cop
how much ghetto youth get shot
Listen when me say

[Verse 1: Mann]
Uh, reprimands for the Mann, den
Bet the man can't stand him
Artwork on my tan timbs
Represent for the people its an anthem
Get up stand up for your rights nigga
Don't let these devils take control your life nigga
Ready to die for peace life nigga
Married to the revolution this is my wife nigga
Lost souls at a cross roads
I'm sold the back of my neck cross roads
I'm sold lord give me heat
Young man I just hope to see 23
You can never kill my energy
Thats just a message, to all my hidden enemies
Sippin' Hennesy on some Pac shit
It's a conflict in conscious societies toxic


[Bridge: Mann]
I dont font fuck around
I come to conquer (I dont fuck around)
Mr. Babylon is what ya wonder

[Verse 2: Mann]
Feeling faded and liberated
I ain't racist we the same thats the mission statement
Smoke big big up marley big up them jamaicans
I know they watching we living life under strict surveillance
Give em a show smoke that dope put it up in the air
I'm glad you recognized and started fucking with a player
Yeah, resurrect the rennasaince girl
Fuck what they say baby this is our world
I'm not the type to sit back and watch
After Fruitvale station fuck a nasty cop
I wonder why the majority of us have these thought
And Im sorry but that Trayvon shit was out of pocket
Fuck it, bring it up keep it in the public
How that man just gone get to walk away with nothing
I can't help but feeling like that was my little cousin
I hope Karma comes back ten fold for that buster


I dont font fuck around
I come to conquer (I dont fuck around)
Mr. Babylon is what ya wonder

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