Irish Celebration

Irish Celebration Lyrics Macklemore

[Verse 1]
I'm an Irishman
Leather weathered Irish skin
Beard orange as the sunset over the flag
In the night sky we fly it in
Pride for the life we fight to live
History, I write with it
Spit it with the dialect
And this is a celebration of course
The green, white, orange
And when they pulled up on that shore
First generation born
Toast to those that made it on a boat to New York
And when the English came, the colonizer came
They filled up bottles of gasoline, turned 'em into balls of flame
And hurled 'em to protect what's ours
Don't touch these lucky charms
Whole bunch of Irish screaming "Fuck the London Guard"
I'm kiddin' not dissin' London, this bloody war
But go against the Irish and get a bloody jaw
Preaching nonviolence but reminds of the scars
And the bias, put a pint up everybody sing a song

[Hook x2]
We put our glass to the sky and lift up
And live tonight cause you can't take it with ya
So raise a pint for the people that aren't with us
And live tonight cause you can't take it with ya

[Verse 2]
From New England to New Brunswick
Galway to Dublin
A rebellious nation of freckled face hustlers
Heart, blue collared workers and family
My heritage, proud to be a Haggerty
Now with whiskey in our veins
Claiming were the bravest men
I drank Old Crow, but pretended it was Jameson
Dad sipped Guiness, I sipped Old English
'Til he sat me down at 16 and said "boy, this is what a beer is"
I put down the drink, couldn't drink like a gentleman
That doesn't mean I can't make a drinking song for the rest of 'em
Challenge us in football, yeah we might lose
But don't put us next to a bar stool
We take the history, script it in song
Light the torch then you pass it on
That's right I said, lineage through the rhythm we script it from the palm
And we give til' Ireland is on
Bottoms Up

[Hook x2]

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