Smoke Hard (Work Hard Play Hard Freestyle)

Smoke Hard (Work Hard Play Hard Freestyle) Lyrics Machine Gun Kelly

Roll one, smoke one (x4)
Smoke (x9)

OG all on my J's biatch
OG's all in my gang biatch
OZ’s on in no afes biatch
Get the fuck out my face bitch
Eyes red like this mace, bitch
Bad boy like I’m Mace bitch
Puff wants to say grace bitch
Get it? That shit cray bitch
Yea, I can’t find the bottom but I’m underground
I made a hundred thou without an album out
But then I lost it all, I ball a hundred pounds
My dude uh
Your bitch talk too much, I had to fuck ‘em off
Kind of a home alone when she was on the couch
I told her roll one up and we were smoking undefined numb
My dude uh
This week government issue, I’m gon' need a rank
And they said this the bomb shit, I’m gon' need a tank
Damn, I’m a daughter’s hate shit, I might need a shank
But it’s fuck ‘em all cuz I got the strongest
I'll blow your mind so fuck what you think

The bigger the skill, the bigger the zones
When I break it down, my blood is long
The quicker the hit, the higher you go
That’s why I stay high, cuz the only thing you know is


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