People Under The Stairs

People Under The Stairs Lyrics Mac Miller

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Hey, microphone testing, testing
You playin' politician, you Martin Sheen on "The West Wing"
Guessing, the best thing for me to do is spit it
This shit is never a gimmick you listen more than a minute
I’ve been spittin' flows since a kid was 6 years old
And if you listen close I’ll do this like some mismatched clothes
It’s whatever, put it together
You never could be this clever
I’m rocking the mic forever, you gonna stop me? never
I’m cocky, because I love that you Rocky without the punches
Hockey without the ice, and boxes without the lunches
Flowin' like me knowin' and I got you mad, bitch
Saw your boys are nothin' but just a-verage
I ain’t telling nobody how they should live their life
I got my own shit to deal with so that just isn’t right
I’m just tryna to leave the crib, go out and live tonight
Shit, fuck that, I'm locked in the lab, workin’
Droppin’ a track, beats get bodied and bagged, certain
See the world through first, second, and third person
Omniscient, listenin' so efficient
Trapped in my own goal line, ready to go the distance
Consider it a privilege that you get to witness
History in the makin', you fucking bitches
Haha, just playin' with y’all
Still in line waitin' for my name to get called

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