Sex Faces

Sex Faces Lyrics Ludacris feat. Lil Wayne,Trey Songz

[Verse 1 - Ludacris]
I met this chick in Motor City
And her name was Lexus
Ass out of control and her chest was wreckless
So we exchanged numbers
Plenty calls and texts about gaining
New friends and X-ing our exes
In the back of my mind
I just wanted to sex this
Gotta give her the D
And some pearls as her necklace
So, I had her for dinner
Woke her up for breakfast
Around seven thirteen like Houston, Texas
She’s everything I hoped for in the bedroom
And like Tyra Banks, I need some headroom
Because she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose
I never sat her on the bench, she my starting hose
I'm on point at Game time
Y’all be guardin' hoes
Yeah, she never plays games like the Parker bros
And we be drinking Conjure? by the cases
Meanwhile your girl’s been exchanging fuck faces

[Hook - Trey Songz]
You must be used to all the finer things
Infatuated by what money brings
It seems to me, you hoes'll never change
(Hoes won't ever change..)
So all that’s left is for us to exchange..

[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]
I met her at a restaurant
She was a waitress
One day I went in and sat at her table
She asked me what will I be having?
I said "the basics
Well-done steak, vegetables and potatoes”
She asked if I will be having a drink, I said "later"
Bring me a glass of vodka and a chaser
As me and my homie sat and discussed paper
I could feel a fire burning me like a laser
I could see her thighs
Through uniform pants, so I didn’t leave a tip
I left her an advance
Along with my number saying "give me a call"
And you know I didn’t have to leave my name at all!
She called me when she got off
So I invited her to my loft
And she flew over like a moth thing
You know she came straight up outta all of that cloth
We had a couple blunts and some champagne
Then she massaged all of my back pains
Then it became time for her to pack things
I said hit me up again, we do the same thing
Jumped in the shower, got out and saw a text message
It had a smiley face and said “you the best sexy XOXO!”
I replied I love your fuck face

[Trey Songz]
You must be used to all the finer things
Infatuated by what money brings
It seems to me you hoes will never change
(Hoes won't ever change)
So all that’s left is for us to exchange

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