Ratchet Lyrics LL Cool J

She’s so ratchet, she’s so ratchet
But she’s so bad we could throw cash at it
First I’m gonna smash it, then I’m gonna leave it
You ain’t gonna do me like you did, hear me
I’mma get my (can I have some cash?)
It’s time to get rid of yo ratchet ass
I’mma get my (and where the money for gas?)
I should’ve never been with your ratchet ass

[Verse 1]
She gave up the dreams, lady coming with the games
Standing in the mirror, trying on my chains
Smiling, baby you want some champagne?
You need a towel, you going out the train
If so, can I drop the Range?
Pick up Melissa, Jennifer and Lorraine?
Hah man, here we go
The last dude you was with must’ve been slow
Ever since your girlfriend made the intro
Tinted, you’re all packed up in the rental
You gave me a look that made it real simple
We could get it in, you know, video
But I ain’t rich and you ain’t Kincaid
Cancel the cameras, we could fuck all day
Make a pit stop, hit it in the hallway
Apartment upstairs is bump it Cool J
Tell me this later, holding my hand
Got your head up on my chest like I’m really your man
I’m thinkin’ to myself, is this part of the plan?
Where you going with this? Don’t understand


[Verse 2]
Hunger Games begun
Sitting on the side of my bed, count my ones
Talking bout you and me would make a cool son
Convincing me, you ain’t really seeing no one
I love spending time with you, it’s so fun
But thinkin’ to myself "bitch please, I’m done"
Your shit’s unreal
I guess I should blame it on them damn high heels
The way your skin look when your silk gloss peel
That damn D'Angelo and his how does it feel
You went from jump off to G4 jets
Poor type of baller saying I got necks
I should’ve ignored you when you sent that text
No, I couldn’t afford you when we first had sex
Had to do it anyway
And I would do this shit all over any day
Cause you a nasty thing
Drive me up the walls with the skills you bring
But I hope you’re okay with a little Burger King
Cause the bills be whoppers when you find diamonds


[Verse 3]
My pockets feel light
Woke up this morning and something wasn’t right
The numbers are all off
You got your hands done and it looks all soft
Here if I’m in not no place
You giving me the innocent poker face
I feel weird when we embrace
You treat my house like it’s our place
And you go hard in the bed
Am I doing that much or do you need meds?
I mean I believe what you said
But you was screaming and she was giving me head
Aggressive shoppin' and credit card droppin'
Relax baby, ain’t none of that poppin'
Once that starts ain’t no stopping
Cause my meat got real good cotton


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