Live For You

Live For You Lyrics LL Cool J feat. Brad Paisley

[Hook: Brad Paisley]
No matter how you feel, or where you are
Just know that I love you, girl, I do
They tried to say I wasn't good enough
But I swear you won't find another
Just know that I love you, girl, I do
I live you for you

[Verse 1: LL Cool J]
You're in every breath that I take
Every dream that I dream, every move that I make
My love never sleeps, every moment it’s awake
My heart shines like moonlight on a lake
My soul was in prison but you helped it escape
Tone down the ego, minimize the hate
You add to the magic I was put here to create
You make my vision clearer when I can’t see straight
Show me parts of my life that I need to eliminate
Gettin' stale, so many times I didn’t demonstrate
The love that I feel, I wasn’t being real
I did so many things you wouldn’t appreciate
I was a little naughty, I saw your heart break
Still you was there for for me, I never had to wait
So from this day forth, my heart's a clean slate
Write what you want, just leave your name and date


For you, girl...
I live you for you...
Just know that I love you, girl, I do
I live for you

[Verse 2]
Baby girl, we're just standing on this big rock flying through space
Havin' experiences we can never replace
Deep scars on our hearts that are hard to replace
A thorn in your side, I could see it on your face
And every time we hug, it hurts in the same place
So you build up walls to protect you just in case
I tried to climb over, but I fell on my face
I tried to dig beneath it, but I couldn't penetrate
So I fractured my wall, that raised the stakes
Bright lights shine through, help me to find you
Illuminated the inner devine you
A room with no walls, I can't define you
Too many thoughts to force my mind through
But if it hits the fan, I'm right behind you
Or you're beside me, hearts wide open and free
And love is the key...



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