Betrayed Lyrics Lil Boosie feat. Webbie

Dear God
I Ask You To Make My Heart Cold Tonight
From All Strangers All Bustas
You Know What Im Talking About?

Father God I Been Betrayed
Feel Like They Beat Me Like A Slave
But I Learn From My Mistakes
We living in the last dayz pray for me and make me cold hearted

After all the fucking shit we done been through
All the pussy niggas we done tend to
But it don't mean nothing when a nigga money low
Niggas will shoot you in the back and cut yo fucking throat like rich and alpoe
Now its hard for me to trust somebody, family need it they'll steal if they know u got it
God forgive me I been hurt by a couple niggas thats why I wake up say my prayers and be like fuck a nigga
Bitches want riches so they trying to slide the rubber off trying to get pregnant
When you stupid hoes gon' learn yo lesson, man it seem like the mo love you show a nigga
When you fall off you be like damn did I know this nigga
I'm glad I rap cuz these days they testify nigga ain't catch u wit nuthn and he got 25
Just cuz he say he gon' ride don't mean he loyal dawg, its cain and abel again forgive us father god

They criticize me huh
They Talk About Me Bad
Ain't Nobody Wanna Sign Me
I Had to Show My Ass
If I Love You Ain't No Question I'd Give My Last
One Day This Heart Gonna Get Me Zipped up in a BodyBag
What About ya First Love? huh She Played it Cold Didn't it?
Made a Nigga Shed a Tear and She Changed a Nigga
So We Fuck'em And Dump'em Never Trust'em Or Love'em
No Need For Friends Fuck Friends Friends turn into Bustas
Momma Gonna Tell ya When That Nigga Ain't Right (Momma Know!)
Momma Know Because She Pray Every Night

I Done And Wash My hands With all this Pussy Shit
Niggas Be Hating But Boosie Boo He Hood Rich
On Top Of That I'm a Scorpio SO I'm UnForgivable
First Time You Fuck With Me Dog I Let Them Killas Go
I'm Down and Dirty Cause a nigga Heard Me
He suppose to be dead But I Let him Slide Cause he Ain't Worthy

Father God I've been Betrayed
Feel Like They Beat me Like a Slave
But I Learn From My Mistakes
We Living in the Last Days Pray For Me Made Me Cold Hearted

I've Been Betrayed
Feel Like They Beat ME Like a Slave
But I Learn From My Mistakes
We Living in the Last Days Pray For Me Cold Hearted (Cold Hearted)

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