Knowledge Reigns Supreme

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Lyrics KRS-ONE

The word I bring to you today
Is Knowledge Reigns Supreme
You got no time to joke and play
Cause Knowledge Reigns Supreme
While others play that game for fame
Their concepts bring you stress and strain
But blessed are those that know my name
Is Knowledge Reigns Supreme

[Verse 1]
Why do I call myself God when I'm speaking
People always ask me this question when I'm teaching
What you gotta understand is that Kris don't exist
The only existence is God conciousness
And God consciousness is what exists as Kris
Your ego tells you that you doing all this
You amidst a, a mister professional lyricist
I get rid of this forever, it only gets better
Kris from the universe you could never sever
Cause there is no Kris, only the universe, remember
Going a little deeper you can check me
My whole campaign is about living life correctly
But don't respect me, respect the universe
It's her verse that I disperse
And free you from the curse of the Spaniards
The French, Portuguese and English
Check me as I sing this
Science of mind, I bring this


[Verse 2]
I bring you out the cave and change how you behave
Everything you see is really particles and waves
Not to mention your visual extension
Is ruled by perception, guiding your every direction
If you really want money your mentality must switch
If you really wanna be rich you gotta act like you're rich
You can't act like a bitch if you wanna be a lady
You can't get the gravy if you're sitting around lazy
You can't be in the hustle if you ain't looking for trouble
You can't be single if you know you're really double
You can do it (yeah) we can do it (yes)
You can do it (yeah) we can do it (yes)
We the best, don't worry 'bout the card they dealt ya
It's real, I perceived myself out the shelter
Every day and night seeing myself rock the mic
Lyrics tight, getting paid right for my mental sight
Richer not poorer, expanding my aura
To attract more of positive energy
(What you dealing with? What you telling me?)


[Verse 3]
How'd you forget it?
The culture that's embedded
Check it, it's energetic
My people really won't be deaded
But Kris won't let it
The same thing that you read I read it
My hair is dreaded
But hip-hop, yes, you must respect it
We must direct it
And use it positively so these sceptics
Can learn our mathematics like metrics
I said it
I'm 'bout to shed it
Why don't you check me like your credit
You still don't get it
You twist it like that ????? Keith Sweat was dreading
Rappers nowadays sound so pathetic
Yo, let me set it
Although my presentation is theoretic
And hypothetic
My genetics is highly poetic
And athletic
But still some don't get it
The paparazzi life is all synthetic
The balancing of the mind is what's authentic
The total body is ultramagnetic

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