Shirt By Versace (Prod. by DJ Mustard)

Shirt By Versace (Prod. by DJ Mustard) Lyrics Kirko Bangz feat. French Montana, YG & GHaze

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Shirt, shirt by Versace
Bitch you better fuck sumn'
Ho, hoes wanna knock one
Bitch you better fuck sumn'
Shirt, shirt by Versace
Bitch you better fuck sumn'
Ho, hoes wanna knock one
Bitch, you better fuck sumn'

[Verse 1: Kirko Bangz]
I just bought a shirt for tonight, hoe
And it cost five-hundred (better fuck sumn)
I seen a bad bitch at the light, oh!
My car cost two-hundred (better fuck sumn)
Uh, got 'Sace on the chain.
Louis, that's my side hoe, Versace, that's my main
'Sace in the car so that's 'Sace in the lane
All day I dream about Versace on the linen
Fucked at work and now she bugging me, Versace John Lennon
I only want the bitch if she expensive
Fuck the ho in Versace, had some boojie ass children
Doing what I’m suppose to do
I'm in Versace my niggas they in 'Sace too
Ain't no fun unless we all get some
If I'm fucking, then my niggas, they fuckin' too


[Verse 2: French Montana]
Hundred-thou' what I'm buyin' here?
Talking lion here (bitch better fuck sumn)
Hundred-thou' on these Cuban links
Medusa Face (bitch, better fuck sumn)
And my shirt eight-hundred
And just copped a honey (bitch better fuck sumn)
These bottles they hundred
I just copped a hundred (man, bitch better fuck sumn)
Got syrup by the liter. Bitch. Homie, Ima beat it
Catch the pussy like Jeter haa
Picture a nigga balling the bitch get to calling
Panties get to fallin
Kamikaze, shirt by Versace
Roma dons flash paparazzi
Give a fuck about a hater
I be getting to the paper
Fuck nigga get your weight up haa


[Verse 3: YG]
It's YG 400!
Shirt Versace, fucking is a hobby
I love a bitch that suck dick so sloppy
In high school she was a ho
Hundred dollar bills on the floor
Bitch you better fuck sumn!
And that's straight up
I prefer a bad bitch with no make-up
I got my pay cut. Ya'll playas say sumn
I'm never paying for pussy and I'm never going bankrupt
My shirt's Versace. Bitch red like Rudolph
Try to rob me I'll cock back that shooter
Trying to count how many bitches pussy I ate
Why you do that? 'Cause I love how it taste...
Me and Kirko on that purple
Geeked up like Urkel
Middle fingers in the air I don't trust you bitches
Spent my money on me so I can fuck you bitches...


[Verse 4: G-Haze]
Got a shirt Poggianti
In your main ho that's where you can find me
Why these haters want to mean mug me
Cuz I'm coming down clean and they bitches wanna fuck me
Trick you better suck sumn
Stepped in the party make a nigga wanna cuff sumn
Po-Po that's a No-No
Give me Ocho-Cinco!
Uhh, fuck that condom by Versace when I hit from the back
She gon' call me "Papi" while she sit up on my lap
Sip syrup lean and I got it from the track
But I ain't a dope boy
Shirt by Versace got me feeling like a coke boy
Gold grillz, gold chain, and I'm G be the game
Bitch you better fuck sumn!


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