Rich As Fuck (Freestyle)

Rich As Fuck (Freestyle) Lyrics King Los

[Verse 1]
I was fuckin' your bitch last night
Jumped out mid-stroke and did the moonwalk on her, son
She said "goddamn, boy, with dick that good
you could fuck around and moonwalk on the sun"
Bitch, I could make the moon walk in orbit, run
Or make the moon walk on the sun
I'm a rockstar, no asteroid
Bitch take that, I'm a bad boy
Call me Young Puff - but I be fuckin' wildin'
I'mma need my money A$AP, I've got a fuckin' problem
You just got a problem, fuckin' your bitch
...I'm probably up in her guts, handlin' your bitch
Move her over just like I'm puttin' a piano in the crib
Get it? ... if you don't, she did, we did
Every little position that you could find, nigga
And I be gettin' money 'cause I'm on my grind nigga
Like yeah - I'm rich as fuck, but I'm too rich to fuck
So I need head, I think about rappers and I see red
I black out and I see blue
If I black out when I see you
You will black out in ICU
Nigga, I see two of everything
Bitches, car, whips and large chips
And her soft lips is targets for hard dick
Like mine, it's my time
So go and do your dance on my cock, slut
You ain't know it was time?
I should choke you out with the hands on my watch, but
It's a Rollie, get to know me, guacamole, drippin' on me
I could probably get chipotle 'cause I'm baggin' the chips
(Screwed up like Houston)
Comin' down on the slab with your bitch
I'm from the hood, my nigga... know me in this bitch
Puff got a big ass kitchen
I be thinkin' 'bout how much coke we could whip
I've got the feeling like I'm Nino, I be lookin' like the Carter
Shit, he got five shells, but I be lookin' like my father
When I'm lookin' in the mirror
Anything that ever mirrored that life, I don't like it
I don't even like to brag about it
Glad I made it out it, I ain't ever like to swag about it
But I'm sayin'... the shit's fucked up
I know how to break everything back down... and whip stuff up
Okay, um... we can keep that conversation on the D-Low
I ain't even writin' man, this feelin' like a free throw
My swag runnin' over and it's spillin' on my ego
I could play the villain or the hero, zero...

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