Nightmares Of Being Broke

Nightmares Of Being Broke Lyrics King Los feat. Raheem DeVaughn (prod by Dot Pro)

Mixtape: Becoming King

[Into: Raheem DeVaughn]
Radio Raheem DeVaughn
Church on the move
I see my money

[Verse 1: Los]
Yo, I'm from a city where they stretch weight
So you know I flex on GP
My Rolex like a gold crest on BB's
Swag like a goose with the nice fur neck
Some all white Charles Barkley's with the Iceberg sweats
Nigga, peep the way I swerve I'm from the era of the hustlers
These hustlers just making errors, don't compare us to these bustas
Niggas is playing scurred, that's word to my mother
My niggas was throwin' birds back when Bird had a jumper
It's rare what I been through, when niggas wanna rob you
Bitches wanna fuck you, and fans wanna clip you
Dip through my hood with the roof back
Just to show these kids that they could make it and that's true fact
Niggas screamin' welfare, God is screamin' farewell
Huggin' corners til we huggin' momma from a jail cell
They'll tell us anything so we won't fucking get it
I told my city I would bring us back and I did it
Ya bitch

[Hook: Los & Raheem DeVaughn]
I represent for those light years from seeing hope
It feel good when you right there to feed your folk
Whether Harvard or making off with a key of coke
This for my niggas with nightmares of being broke
Nightmares of being broke
This for my niggas with nightmares of being broke (this for my niggas.. broke)
Nightmares of being broke
This for my niggas with nightmares of being broke (this for my niggas with nightmares of being broke)

[Verse 2: Los]
Every shape on it fashion, got my passion from the struggle
Cashing out dodging niggas clashing with my hustle
Masking with the muscle, past six years dog
Had a slow climb back from a six year fall
Like a six year crawl but dig this here dog
This year I make enough to take six years off
Raised on the block where the fiends came for the coca
So driven you would think my dreams came with a chauffeur
Riding, tell em I'm stomping in through the door
A Baltimore nigga grindin' in constant pursuit of more
I wish that I was raised with some odds that you could ignore
Just stay rich at heart or no one will sponsor you though poor
Times, stuck in my mind
Often got distracted but I stuck with my grind
Wassup with my shine, I just need a little bit of sun
Til them hating niggas suck a dick, middle finger


[Verse 3: Raheem DeVaughn]
I hustle like forty days
Like forty nights
Like forty stages
Like forty mics
We call that touching our dreams for sure
I can never get comfortable, I dream for more
This is Jordan in the playoffs, LeBron with a ring
The overthrowing of the kingdom, becoming of a king
I went from soldier to lieutenant to General
Get you a day job nigga and crown me now
My persona's tabernacle like goldie
Better than a city than with a hood that won't know me
So this gon' be for every sucka nigga that owe me
Wherever ya are
Whoever ya are
Cause I remember my broke and hungry nights
Niggas killing and trapping and rolling dice
Snitches snitching til homies was given life
And now we toast with that Ciroc to dreams of paradise


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