Doing You Well

Doing You Well Lyrics King Los feat. Devin Cruise (prod by J Oliver)

Mixtape: Becoming King

[Verse 1]
Damn baby if you met me half way
Of course I meet you
Two-door coupe, court side seats
Hard tie fuck it give you multi love you til you left side shiver screamin' thats my liver
By deliver, I deliver different life I just give her twenty four karat fuck but
Why live life bitter?
When you ballin' and you get it,
You can get it, I can give it
Like the good wheels sittin' on some good wheels hood still rollin
Nice watch and cop nice clothes
Up in burgdog with your best top flight pose
and bag make bad bitches flock like hoes, and
Your ass make mad niggas not like Los
You can pose in the picture froze hit you with the rose
And you roll on the side of roads and you switching clothes
Like my flows and these bitches pose just to get ya gold
If its cold we can cover up
Damn shorty, what the fuck is up?

You know that pussy is mine
You can act like it aint
Shorty get your ass over here
I'mma write my name on that cake
I wanna know (why you wanna go do that love?)
I wanna know (why you wanna go do that, do that)
Why you wanna go do that love? huh?
Why you wanna go do that ?

[Verse 2]
I hear your friends talkin' shorty I'm just coasting throught that
Couple rags on your bag I'm supposed to do that
Had a dream of posting you with an ocean view
Like an ocean red commerical where you 'posed to move at?
Queen, like the rock band, like the band rock
Why its going down like the Titan-nic
Why panic I got you dont never worry baby
You got a man but we fuckin just like we married baby
All you do is call me when he fuck up
But I aint trippin' we takin' trips and we drinkin'
I just ask that you say the shit that you thinkin'
If you need to get away we can make a date and we Lincoln
Take you out that Lincoln, .. big the clause just put some minx in
Have you ridin' money hunny feel like you pulling the Brinks in
Baby we be flexin', DVS on the side on the ..
If you ready for your kingdom I fly you out to the kingdom shorty


[Verse 3]
Hold up, King
If that nigga stepped up to you wrong
And get out of character like his Twitter message too long
Like you aint the best you stressin' and autopress on the phone
When the sun rise I wish you all the best in the moonlight like
Like, heres your piece of the sun
This is my piece of advise,
Just tell em peace and you done
It's like releasing a ton
That pain aint good for your mind
Just tell that pussy he's done, just say that pussy is mine


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