Becoming King (Intro)

Becoming King (Intro) Lyrics King Los

Mixtape: Becoming King

If I could do one thing in this world
It would be to at least inspire one person
Because it's not about how bad you want something
How bad you want something is meaningless, it's pointless
If how bad you're willing to work for the thing you want
Isn't ten times as intense as how bad you want it
I can't sell you desire, I can't bottle up passion
and give it to you in the form of some magic potion
The only thing that can quench hunger is more hunger
And every trial, every tribulation, everything you go through
Is necessary in life...
Because it's the lessons that you get from those things
that most people can't endure, and will not endure
Embrace it - I urge you all to embrace it
Because it's the only thing that will allow you
To become king…

[Verse 1]
I just copped a Chevy, that bitch like sweet potato pie
Don't believe them hater guys, I'm steppin like a…
Bait her, Baby Boy, I got it covered like a Raider eye
Call my peace, they known to carry beef like a Jamaican spot
I'm sick of discussing me
'Cause I think of this shit and spit it quick as it come
And I'm bringin' niggas to Heaven, I'm makin' wishes, I'm buggin'
I tell them niggas get ready, they 'bout to witness the ugliest shit
Dirt on my name made a flower grow, bitch
I'm co-signing the god, what's gon' stop him?
Gon' pray for my haters today - fuck it
I just go dumb like they say in the Bay
Bumpin' E40, me and three shorties in the 7-50
I'm 7-30, that's 20 left, but no twenties on it
Get your head right or get some money on it
Say I, play secretary, get the paper
Lil' nigga ballin' like A.I.
May I, break a hoe down, don't pay her?
Player, from the motherfuckin' Himalayas, okay, ya?
Kill every rapper I see is a rapper
I catch 'em, I'm wrapping my hands 'round they neck and chokin'
I'm rappin', it's classic
They rappin' like candy that's wrapped in plastic
I'm rapping jurassic bars, classic cars
Bad-ass bitches an nasty broads
Ratchet hoes to keep the ratchet low
You know how I handle it, 'bout to hand me gold, nigga

My haters love, I built them niggas
I fought with lions, and killed them niggas
You ask for joy, I ask for pain
You love the sun, I beg for rain
Can't take my passion, deter me from my dreams
They left me nothin', I still done my thing
Pussy niggas, one more thing:
This what it takes, when you become a king

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