Back Seat (Freestyle)

Back Seat (Freestyle) Lyrics King Los


I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially back
Like Martin I’m a king
I just don’t sleep enough to dream
Oh yeah, Bad Boy is the team
Let me talk to ‘em


Piss me off, I’ll kill this world in one hour
Give your girl back shots, leave her smellin’ like gunpowder
She sip that lean, get high as the Eiffel Tower
Then salute my dick, call it General Eisenhower
Man, A-Ks all in that pussy
Glocks inside that punani
Leave the window open and the fuckin’ door cracked
Nigga come and find me

[Verse 1]

Climbin’ in it, like I’m findin’ diamonds in it
Divin’ in it, like I’m Dennis Rodman in it
Flew that that pussy to me now my private flyin’ private in it
Shot it in her eye
Horry, Robert in it
Fuck your story
I will end it if I’m offended
You gon’ make me take your spot
Make me take your block then knock it off
They’ll take your block and block it off
Then tape the block, cops get called
If haters plot to block it all
If I’m involved, I’m riding off
Like I just threw a Molotov
Smile and drive a mile and toss
Slidin’ off through the jects
Cruise and flex in that new thing
That cost me a little pocket money
Like losing bets at a pool game
Cool change, not 2 Chainz
Just two chicks at one time
I do things, like take loose change
And cop two chains at one time
I lose chains, take loose change
And cop two chains for every lost chain
No plaque, good smile, floss game
Fuck around and…


[Verse 2]

Somebody told me a nobody told him something about me
‘Bout something about me, but nobody know nothing about me
That’s something about me you should know
To use a flow such as mine
You’s a pro, losers know
But I don’t know you losers though
Battle me you’ll lose your dough
You’ll have to use tubes through your nose
And count the views from your YouTube to blow
Blow a dick and pick a flower
Nigga I provide the rest
Suicidal pilot swag
Yeah I think I’m fly to death
Silence best describes what I do to all these rap niggas
If you wack niggas…


Piss me off, I’ll kill this world in one hour
Give your girl back shots and shoot her back to you in an hour

[Verse 3]

Move forward from the bullshit
Gotta take a ride in a hearse
‘Cause settin’ clocks back the only way I was reversed
When I say I was reversed
You thinkin’ I was in time
I’m thinkin’ hours is
Everything that’s ours is fine
Man, them hours was flyin’
Man I was just fine
Damn, you soft as collagen
All you cowards is dyin’
Man, acknowledge this
Hoes giving me knowledge is fine
I’m talking knowledge like they really got college in mind
I drop knowledge like my mind got a college in mind
And I’mma school you, I already got a college in mind
Nigga polish your grind
When your grind polished you shine
This is large quantities of high quality grind
It’s all policy
These niggas be robbin’ me blind
They love to copy me
Like they ain’t see the piracy signs
Man, you gotta rewind
I’m on my bold shit, Devo
Welcome niggas back to my old shit

Point two…

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