Hold It (In the Air)

Hold It (In the Air) Lyrics Kid Ink

[Hook: Kid Ink]
Spend all day, tryna stay humble
I could show it off if I really want to
Baby talkin' all that but who really cares?
I ain’t scared to let em know (hold it in the air)
Got that money in the room (hold it in the air)
If that fire in the room (hold it in the room)
Got some bottles in the room (hold it in the air)
I hold it in the air, hold it in the air

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Uh ah
High is it could be, you need a telescope
If you tryna see me I be hella dope
Something like a pictional
I never need a cup cuz I be drinkin up the pitcher down
Keep it cool,
I be tryna chill but these niggas act a fool
So I gotta show and tell
Like a nigga back to school
Sittin on the world
See this feeling round room
Walking on the moon
Call me rocket ship
Shorty if I dip
Her pill just kicked
Catch her bitin' on her lip
She tell me that she want it, I ain’t even gotta slip it
I might leave with your chick and if I catch you niggas slippin'
Ain’t no question here, leave this motherfucker by it
I can spend it all tonight no cares
Just run up in the bank like Clyde and my bitch Bonnie
No lie, baby I’m just being honest


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