Get Into The Moment

Get Into The Moment Lyrics Kid Ink feat. Schoolboy Q

[Kid Ink]
Yeah Uh
I never ever listen when they tell me what I got to do yeah
F*ck em, f*ck em, f*ck em like a prostitute ..back then
We never ever had the option to
Now we here doing everything impossible
Bitch i’m out couldn't wait
All my life put for tonight I thank Christ that I see the light
But a shine so bright pull you'r mother f*cker shades out
Billin so hot, Get a tan like J Woww..
Now baby I just want it all said im so high
I’m tryin not to fall
But they can’t stop me where I’m going
Do it big like a samoan livin in the moment tell em

I’ve been working hard for so long
So feelin just like me and put your fist in the air
And lift the middle finger up
And tell em' we never gonna leave
Let’s get into the moment, get into the moment
You ain’t got to worry i’ma keep the party going
Get into the moment, get into the moment
You aint’ got to worry baby girl just keep it going
Get into the moment
Get into the moment yeah, let’s get into the moment
Into the moment

[ScHoolBoy Q]

Yeah gotten some shit that I can’t think about
You know rap and balls and kick it hoes about the house
Flashy lights made it .. f*ck another man’s hands i’ma live it right
Weed champagne broad that swallows everything
Hows your wedding ring, ‘cause baby I don’t want the karma
Plus you live forever you’re f*cking me is an honor
‘cause everyone don’t live his life right
Everyone don’t see what’s on the night
You can see it nigga once you lift the ..
Bitch I want i’m just living in a moment tell em


Uh go crazy if you’re feeling good tell em that I feel amazing
Out of my mind but i’m living in the moment
Blunt full of five meet em and just to hold it
Hold it get a pick real quick can’t tell me nothing like a birthday wish
But we gonna make it and they gonna hate it
Alumni gang back .. you could run and tell em that


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