Dose of Dopeness

Dose of Dopeness Lyrics Kid Cudi

Whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh

[Verse 1]
Movin’ wit out movin’, Pure Crush Groovin’
Right on track, right on and I’m back
Rap Ex-Lax yeah, I be pooin’ on ‘em
Damn right, Mr. Cudi he be dippin' on ‘em
Say it loud, y’all want the new-new
Explorer like Dora, that’s how I got a clue too
So fucking underground, barely on Youtube
‘Till Day N Night, now they all got a clue who
Took me a minute man, took me a while
Hard headed nigga ever since I was wild, a child
But my ambitions made bitches beg for attention
DJ’s un-mixin’ their mixes, just to toss in some Cudder
And I tried to tell my mother
But she ain't understand, figure me on some other
But see my mommy ‘aint a fronter
So nowadays she calls me a bad motherfucker

[Hook] x2
And, just when it seemed that the game is hopeless
We arranged some things for a dose of dopeness
I, I do, what I do
And, I, I do, what I do

Do my little dance
Sippin' out a cup
All my people in the back
My people in the front
I, I do, What I do
And, I do, what I do, do
Do my little dance
Sippin' out of cup
Pullin' up my pants
She come walkin' up
And I'm like...
I, I do, what I do
And, I, I do what I do, do

Whoah, Nigga!
Y'all motherfuckers need to understand the fuckin' game
Shit ain't gon' change unless a motherfucker come in this shit, switch it up
Niggas need to open they fuckin' minds, Nigga!
Cause this is some shit, that Ya'll niggas ain't ready for

[Verse 2]
Moovin' wit out moovin', Pure Crush Groovin'
Right on track, right on and I'm back
You make songs about some new dances
I make songs 'bout the black man advancements
I'm talkin' classic homie, I'm talkin' monumental
And I don't need much but Dot instrumentals
That's how I lay the stencil, me smilin' up out the window
I'm in the leaner dome, that's my crib on the moon
And I'm livin' in hotel rooms
In the mirror, laughing at my crooked tooth
How a nigga eat, is how a nigga speak
And how a nigga live, is sacrifice was big
And I'mma say it right before the hook
Maybe in due time, Pimpin', I'mma write a book
But now I'mma play my Andre 3000
And dream about an island wit model girls eyein'

Um... Hello...
Hey Baby...
Some people call me CuDi
Some people call me Scott
It don't matter what you want to call me, as long as you call me something
As long as you call me, Baby
But Um...
You know...
You seem real pretty
And I ain't talkin' bout how you look
I'm talkin' about your vibe
Your vibe is pretty
But, I'm pretty hungry, you want to go get something to eat?
Sip on something?
Where we going?
The Moon...

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