Slip N Slide (Prod by Raw Smoove)

Slip N Slide (Prod by Raw Smoove) Lyrics Jonn Hart feat. Kid Ink

[Intro: Jonn Hart]

[Bridge: Jonn Hart]
Have you drippin' like rain girl (rain girl)
You aint even trippin got a man girl
Cause I be straight hittin' in the paint girl
Does my thang
I aint gon' play no games

[Hook x4: John Hart]
I can make it slip
I can make it slide

[Verse 1: Jonn Hart]
Oh, how you get so Gucci
Stevie J face like oowee
Eat that thang up like sushi
He don't have to go down he Boosie
I can make it slip,
I can make it slide
I'mma a get it wet, he gon' leave it dry
Swimming in the pool, let a nigga dive
Little mama lookin' like she puttin' 95
When I slide in, throw it right back
Your man aint me, he aint goin' like that
I do it so good shorty beggin' me to smack
Jumpin' head first, I'mma make a splash


[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
Now I can make it slip and slide
Get you wet one sip at a time
Now shorty wanna dip, in the ride
Talkin' to her like a pimp, but I tell ya no lie
Baby girl you the truth
Soon as you wake up, Hollywood face with an ass from Decatuer
Bay attitude little New York flavor
Everything to me, gon' show me what your made of
I see you over with your BF
Lesbi-honest no secrets
I got a seat wet, mean I got seat sex, I mean I got seatless
See you at the exit


[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Jonn Hart]
Me and you girl, in my room girl
You know what we gon do dont do
Grabbin' on my pillow, its bout four in the morn
And we home alone
I make it drip all night long


[Hook x4]
Slip N Slide (Prod by Raw Smoove)

Bay Area R&B Singer Jonn Hart follows up with his hit record "Who Booty" with new single feat Kid Ink

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