Don't Wanna Be

Don't Wanna Be Lyrics Jon Connor feat. Lia Mack

Mixtape: While You Were Sleeping

[Verse 1: Jon Connor]
They say who is he? The genius speaking in broken English
Observing behind the curtain, your mind too preoccupied to see it
We’re hard headed, thoughts made to see me
The writing is on the wall, but we don’t read it, we don’t read while we defeat it
Another rapper like we fucking need it
See this ain’t rapping, this is what teach and what I preach
The reason that I’m breathing, see for them people I would gladly take my last breath
See I got charge and there ain’t no gas left
A 75 that’s my address, I’m on the road and I ain’t had rest
Hoping that my past steps no asked stress
See I ain’ flawless so no matter what I am talking
Regardless is the fact that karma gon’ catch up to all of us
And my boss is just a menace till I chill with Chris Wallace
When I get to the pearly gates it don’t matter what’s in my wallet
Look, it’s only one of me, so it’s gonna be what is gonna be
The person that I truly envy is the one I wanna be

[Hook: Lia Mack]
I don’t wanna be anything
I don’t wanna be anything
Now what would they take me for?
Now what would they take me for?

[Verse 2: Jon Connor]
See different people got agendas they pretend to see they come in different genders
They befriend us like they feel us like they with us
Then we’re asking God for help, and then the test is what he sent us
Then we’re saying Lord forgive us cause the truth is always in us
When it's finished we just hope, we gave directions to an effect
Cause we’re here to break the spirits that’s gon' shake the world they live in
Living in the villain, I’ll go visit them in prison
Come down to one decision, that’s when while we talk they listen
That’s what I ain’t giving up, or act like I don’t give a fuck
They’ll be like bro, hold me down, but I rather pick ‘em up!
We tell ‘em reach for the stars so I’m trying to lift em up
I keep on slowing them down to the point they end up stuck
I’m attacking the faculty that would stop me and hassle me
They say I wouldn’t b shit watching all this rapping and raveling
In myself I was adamant, what the fuck did you want from me?
Now I’m leaving my dream, and I’m exactly where I wanna be


[Verse 3: Jon Connor]
Let’s get it clear, we are all one, this world nigga tell me this
What’s worst? being one, or being called one?
Cause if you one, then we would all one
These other races gonna judge me the last time they saw one?
Go grab a mike or a ball, son. How fucking backwards is that?
Do you know the odds to make it rap
And the chance to make it hoop is even slimmer than that?
If you can’t do one of the two, your only option is to shoot
When the niggas you look up to on the block is not in the suit
When you’re glorifying the rocks they got the cops to pursue
When one of your niggas die, you don’t cry, you just salute
Cause death is a badge of honor till death came looking for you
Reality shows that girls thinking acting ratchet is cool
When in fact this bitch is an actress that actually foolish you
And we always wanna argue, fussing, fighting, and cuss
'fore point the finger at them, let’s point one at us
What we wanna be?


[Outro: Lia Mack]
I’ll never seen the world taking me down down, taking me down
I’ll never seen the world taking me down down, taking me down
I’ll never seen the world taking me down down, taking me down
I’ll never seen the world taking me down down, taking me down

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