Wendy N Becky

Wendy N Becky Lyrics Joey Bada$$ feat. Chance The Rapper

[Intro: Joey Badass]
For all the thirsty sumchins out there
For like the 147th take

[Verse 1: Joey BADA$$]
Cause when I hit it, that pussy closed for sure like she rock that V cardigan
She said Joey no, don’t ever hit me hard again
It’s funny cause I recall, hittin' the score
Play calling, told her hit the floor and she started dribbling balls
My game foreign, way outta line, shit make you forfeit
The score like faucet flow like forces grip up on that pussy like a faucet
Aite, I done lost it
So make ya decisions, I’m seeing my visions of double women
But I play my position, in the cut like incisions
This is why I’m not hot, I’m sizzlin'
And it’s drizzling hoes, flows and doors, so
Foes gonna oppose, roll stupid O’s
You get worn out in these clothes, plus groupie hoes
Love the nino sucio lingo
They be like “You rap? Oh bingo”
I be like “No Inglo”
I only know the language of Deniro, I never lie
They never seen a Black boy fly as high past the slash in the sky
Got a gash in my eye, bleeding out
Cause when it was seeing out was worth more than the amount
Afforded the accounts, in this world I proceed to count
But it’s just mine and
I can’t find no adjustment time sweet pumpkin pie
So just get in sumchin fly
And you gon’ be my sumchin for the night
I’m in town for the day I say it’s only right
She was a fan so
She left her man right where he stand yo had mad plans for Joe
I demanded a blow, whether her name be Wendy or she shy
I just want a little Becky this is not a lie

[Hook x2: Joey]
Wendy N Becky, Wendy N Becky
You so sexy but you can’t apex me
After you done licked my testes, don’t try to peck me
Please respect me, don’t test me

[Bridge 1]
Wendy N Becky, N Becky (x2)

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
We used to smoke nickels inside of Nichols Park
I paid the piper, the pickle she used to pick apart
Peppermint sticks in the middle, brittle, a little hard
Quench when she grin like the Grinch, that bitch had little heart
Neck colored in diamonds and hickies
Every time I fly in her city, she buying a titty
Or selling a kidney, or trying to get me
To believe she’s having a kid and that the kid has a mustache and raps pretty
Emoji right back like damn she funny
Thanking God for the shows, that’s that plan B money
Thinking God my mom’s can’t be grandmommy
Thanking God he ain’t never make a plan B for me
Choke holdin my wine glass, rock bottomin' out
Rock, paper, switchblade, rap got him a house
Pops got him a car, bops got him a couch
Girl got him arrested, girl got him up out

[Bridge x4]
Don’t even try to play yourself
I think you need to pace yourself

[Outro: Chance The Rapper]
Slow down
Slow your roll
Move your ...
Moving way too fast
Slow down
Slow your roll
You a bop
Going ass bitch
Skeezer ass bitch
Lying ass, tricking ass bitch
Bitch, bitch
Slow your roll, bitch!

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