Hotbox Lyrics Joey Bada$$ feat. Nyck Caution

Ride for my niggas on site
Ride for my niggas on site
Ride for my niggas on site

[Verse 1: Joey BADA$$]
The flows is acidic
Cruising in a slow-ass Civic, I got gas, hit it
Hold up, cops passed, I stop, laughin'
Jakes is snake lizards, if they smell they won't come hither
Nigga, I hisses at your misses
Slither down her throat, spit her up, mmm delicious
I'm too malicious, this one for my mistresses
In distress, cause positions that I put 'em in could stretch
Them, can't contest him, get the rude boy effects
Too shocked to give him tool shots, Ooh boy for dead
Boom, bye bye in a batty man head
The sooner I die, sooner them gets ahead
So you do the math, put the pieces to the puzzles like
Voodoo in the trap, no string attached
In fact, it's all connected in the sense, neglected in the
Cents, plus well collecting my respect, respect

[Hook x2]
They say we too loud, we need to turn it down
I copped a pound, now I'm 'bout to burn it down
Hotbox in this bitch know I'm burnin' out
And what I'm learning now is still more trees to go around

[Verse 2: NYCk Caution]
Pick the weapon up and use it
Deceptive tactics never get between me and my music
Reason for that livin' condition you livin' a witness, a God with his mic
Starry nights ain't never come, cause they don't go where it's bright
So how the fuck can I go shine, when my constellation dim
I conversate with momma just to know where I begin
Then condensate yo' armor so it's weak upon your limbs
Blast the speakers when you speak up cause you bleak and .. a mid
Stay relentless if you get it
Second place is ours we're clocking in any minute (alright)
Cause first is a magic
They got me cursed with this new apparent future
That I will never reinsert my fuckin' balance
I'm a frog, you a cricket
Once was just a tadpole, and I'm still a tadpole trying to fix it
They ballin' with no limits, represent the Rari's
So how the fuck you expect me to be civil in Civics

[Hook x2]

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