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God damn it feels so great to be back in this booth
Swear, this forever long
Chuck Strangers, leave niggas in danger
Fuck they talkin' bout
Check Check

[Verse 1]

From torn vans to touring in vans
And now I'm bout to get my touring advance
Money over bitches, ain't gettin' torn again
I just hit it in the morning, I'm touring again
I been around the world and back
I been in different girls in fact
And I done seen some shit but I'm right back
Here in the fact, pour some glasses of Moet
Gruesome hearing my track, but none the less
Ain't shit change in the mental
Progress still got the strangest instrumentals
Dangerous in the temples, cause they ain't getting my tempo
I'm just tryin' record and bang it through your treble
Yo chuck I got you, won't trip I got you
Cheater MC's, you can't duck, i'll spot you
Rehearse verses in my booth
Me and Chuck keep them heaters tucked, don't worry who shot you

[Hook x2]

Feels good to be home, tour was taking too long
Somebody tell HOV I'm taking the throne
Don't take this shit wrong, I'm just tryin' get on
Don't take this shit wrong, I'm just tryin' have fun

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