Don't Quit Your Day Job (Lil' B Diss)

Don't Quit Your Day Job (Lil' B Diss) Lyrics Joey Bada$$

That nigga sent warning shots, nigga?
I’m actually offended that this nigga ain’t come harder
‘Cause I’m about to straight ether this nigga
Straight, straight ether this nigga
Tiny-shirt-ass nigga!
If I ever catch you slippin’… (Thank you, Based God)
I seen you on Lombard Street, nigga! (Thank you, Based God)
You don’t want it! (Based God)
We out here, nigga, get your facts straight!

[Verse 1: Joey Badass]
I got a issue with this little bitch Shih Tzu
I’m a pit bull, throw lyrical missiles that won’t miss you
Rip open your tissue, make your Task Force miss you
It makes no sense to diss you, so I dissed you
You’re nothin’ but food, you little bitch
I drop nines like catfish sticks and shrimp like you, take notes too
No bitch ever gonna get pimped like you
Hit you with the ‘caine ‘til you sicker than… grillin’ your brain
You pink-flame-ass nigga, lame-ass nigga
You busy-stuntin’-for-the-fame-ass nigga
Badass, I’m not lyin’, but you’ve got to tame that nigga
‘Holic, never cryin', now you dyin’
Joey Bad, flame that nigga, restrain that nigga
You Purple-Rain-ass nigga
How you tryin’ to be Prince in a Queen B minx?
Little fag, your pants tack, you make no sack
Don’t quit your day job
‘Cause after this you can’t blame rap
I could do this all day, I…
It ain’t no sweat, it ain’t no threat, we just a little bit sick
‘Cause there ain’t no vets for the love
And it ain’t nothin’ less, I call next
Ain’t a nun – I’m the one
I think I stood, lost it, the badass enforce it
This nigga soft, I’ll put him in a… coffin
Make yourself a pitcher, get tossed in
I could do this often on your porch, and…
Foreign, this a warrant, we warring if we want it
Still we sparring with the Martians with an army of Spartans
Sparkin’ up, I fuck your bitch while I’m parkin' the truck
Rockin’ a 49ers parka, what?!

I’ll straight ether this nigga…
That nigga sent warning shots, nigga?
I’m actually offended that this nigga ain’t come harder
‘Cause I’m about to straight ether this nigga
Shout-out to the OG Too Short
Shout-out to the OG E-40
Shout-out… aye, RIP Mac Dre
Bay Area
Causin' mass hysteria
Kidnap and bury ya
Shout-out to Del The Funky Homosapien
Shout-out to Hieroglyphics
But most importantly, shout-out to Lil’ B
Fuck your bitch!
Fuck your bitch!
Straight ether this nigga
Don't Quit Your Day Job (Lil' B Diss)

In late January of 2013, beef was sparked between Lil' B and Joey Bada$$ after the former heard a line from one of Joey's tracks recommending that the "Based God not quit his day job." After taunting him on Twitter, Lil' B released a diss track called "I'm The Bada$$" on the 29th. Hours later, Joey dropped this track in response.

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