Best Intentions (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)

Best Intentions (Prod. By Brock Berrigan) Lyrics   Jetpack Jones

[Verse 1]
You ever question if it's all worth it?
I mean damn
Sometimes I get tired of working
Taking baby steps will no longer suffice
Everyone that never made it always got some advice
I'd rather fall solo
Then on your path
Cleanse my soul
Avoid dying in this blood bath
I watch roots and Im feelin' like I'm Kunta
Niggas sells souls
Just to wear some Medusa
That's stupid
They gettin' all the praise
I'm the one keepin' it real
But I'm trapped inside a maze
Always tryna get my bucks up
It's all y'all love man
The paper never loved us
Those dead presidents owned your whole family
Now they own you too
Hope you niggas understanding me
And gradually
We can own our own shit
That's why my message just won't quit
We can't afford to be hopeless
'Ye is on to something
I just hope he doesn't self destruct
Give the people what they need
Not what they think they want
I'm just out hear planting seeds
In the back and front
So if you lookin' for me in the forest
Homie good luck
I'm in the Truffula trees
Enjoyin' family and weed
Until the day that all the people free
In ecstasy
No drugs required
Self empowered people
Get whatever is desired


Best intentions...
I got...
Nothin' but the best intentions...
(It's ain't about me)
(I need all of my people free)

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