Runnin Thru The Jungle

Runnin Thru The Jungle Lyrics Jadakiss feat. Styles P

*The honor and will
Your honor is real
Always honor your niggas
Before u honor a bill.*

**I Stay in the Luke
Cuz I be in the hood
And I know what they want
So I get em the goods.**

***Is full of yas here
I'm fully prepared
To shut this whole shit down
And bully the air.***

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*I'll die for my homie
He will die for me too. (true(Jadakiss))
Loyalty come first
That's what poverty do.*

**We get it together,(uh(Jadakiss))
We spend it together,(yea(jadakiss))
If your lifes on the line
We will end it together.**

*Ma Nigga G'd up
My Niggas Re'd up
Responsible for a niggas doped up & see'd up
When u lock and load
Don't forget to squeeze
Its Kiss & P
Move bricks a piece
We either to split'n the dutch
Or we poppin the cork?
From the bottom of Yonkers to the Top of New York.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*7 to the realtor, 6 to the jeweler
6 to the dealer, 6 in your medulah,( pa pa pa pa...*whisper*(Jadakiss)
The kiss of seen the ghost
You sellin dope
Know to hold your nina close.*

*You know what it is, you know what it ain't
If im outside my mans controlling the paint. (*unaudible Mumble *)
If im shotgun my mans controllin the tank.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*Watching the Dice.*

*While my mans Controlling the bank ("uhh"(Jadakiss)).*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*We go to the lot(yeah!(Jadakiss)).*

*We Coppin it new.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*When it comes to the bottles (uhh(Jadakiss)).*

*We Poppin a few.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*And you don't want beef.*

*Then Pop at the crew.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*Yooo D-Block!!*(D-Block!!!(D-Block))*

*We Poppin it too.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*If your top come down.*

*Then you droppin it too(uhh!(Jadakiss)).*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*The Streets Watching.*

*We Watchin em' too.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*We did it before.*

*We did it with raw
It will sell by itself
If you give em' the pure.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*Make sure when he sick..*

*The Give him the cure.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*When he knock two off.*

*Then Give him the fall.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*Welcome to the Jungle
One-Fivety a Bundle.*

*Twenty-Four Grams
Sorry for going H.A.M.*(Sorry(Jadakiss))

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*Make it assuring.*

*Ferrari or the Lamb.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*US or Uk Tour.*

*Gotta team full of shooters.*

Styles P. "The Ghost"
*2K Boys*(well(Jadakiss))
Kush, Sour Diesel Pudey Boyz[(Not 100% if its Pudey Boyz]*


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