Frownin ft. Gunplay (BSBD Remix)

Frownin ft. Gunplay (BSBD Remix) Lyrics   Isaiah Toothtaker

[Verse 1: Gunplay]
I beg no pardon - I ain't ask for this
I beg no stardom
I just wanted money
One eggroll, starving
Break down an onion watchin' Creflo flow dollar, life gets more harder
I got more money but no hoe problem
Now - more gold on collars
I just got one wish
Get rich with my partners
Countin' 'til it get monotonous
Dying broke, it was never an option
So I'm forever on my mob shit
King James, all on my psalm shit
It gets no triller
Than these baguettes in the Muller
Ferrari fast life, no fuel up
Race straight to the jeweller
Put all my problems in a bottle - I guess I'm just tryna drown 'em
I'm just tryna smile - while y'all just tryna frownin'

Livin' life by the knife, might die by the slice, right?
High as a kite but still a low life, right?
Liable to fight, earn my third strike, right?
The nerve of my type, never learn, never right, right?
(Fuck who ain't like it)

[Verse 2: Isaiah Toothtaker]
Beg no pardon
I ain't ask for this
You get what you bargain
I'm just gonna finish what you ignorantly started
You little dumb shits ain't got the stomach to be heartless
All of y'all are garbage
All of y'all are targets
Let's see who gets the farthest
Ride or die, right, why you actin' car sick? (Shit...)
Knucklehead think he the smartest
A soft ass act the hardest
But in reality just harmless
Flim-flam from a bunch of scam artists (fuck it)
Fuck it - 'cause every casket needs a carcass
I'm out constantly causing carnage
You are constantly calling sergeants
And I'm in big trouble, a criminal at large, and I
Get payback, then I catch more charges
(Fuck it) I'mma do it all regardless
A real son of a gun, right?
My mother was a cartridge
Down to shoot the fair one on sight
I'm somewhat of a marksman

Frownin ft. Gunplay (BSBD Remix)

A heavy remix of Tucson, AZ rapper Isaiah Toothtaker's "Frownin" by Seattle production duo Blue Sky Black Death. Guest starring Gunplay.

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