Gate Sauce On The Beach

Gate Sauce On The Beach Lyrics Irv Da Phenom

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[Verse 1: Irv Da PHENOM]
Miss the Red and Yellow
Both feet on the pedal
In a Toyota Corolla you know that I never let go
Never let go, let go
Hold up, everybody let's go
I'm from a city where we all drive Chevys and
Know all the words to "I do" and "So Heavy"
Stay strapped cause the petty could easily turn deadly
Better stay ready, this isn't "Malcolm and Eddie"
We still shootin' Axels though
And startin' new clips when its action
RIP them rappers that I send home in a casket
Still rockin' my royals finna catch me out in traffic
Stayin on the grind 'til my stacks is massive
29, 29 state...
That's Irv is how working on ties all day
Folks who knew me back then say I came a long way
But I'm still quick to fix a flat like it ain't a thing

[Hook: Irv Da PHENOM!]
New to Cali ask me it cause I be on some dope shit
Straight West coastin' but you know where my home is.
First you takin' 9,1 out of 3,O now
What's that (what's that)
What's that (what's that)
Gates Sauce on the beach
Gates Sauce on the beach
Same old G from the 913
Kansas City nigga drippin' Gates Sauce on the beach

[Verse 2: Irv Da PHENOM]
Everything gotta die
Get the body bags or the coroner
Smorgasbord of whack rappers
I'm snappin' until my order's up
In order to keep my cool I be teeterin' on the borders of
Jeffrey Dahmer and Nas when I'm rhymin' this is euphoria
Forty drums in your ear when you hear it turn the recordin' up
What I'm layin's amazin' what the hell you been recordin' bruh
That hot garbage you dropped as a pop artist
To getchya record to pop bout as soft as a Poptart is
I'm the rawest in the mid-West yeah tell 'em I said it
Turn your hero to a zero he'll battle me and regret it
I been makin' these hits pick a album up read the credits
Hard pumpin' Diesel fuel I drink unleaded for breakfast
All gas Y'all just... missin' accelerator
And my album in ya dash studyin' styles that I made up
Wyandot county raised and it told me a lot
I used to skip school to get my lessons off of the block
Yeah I learned me a lot one of the things I was taught
Was get ya money and don't let them put you off in the box
I was either supposed to be dead or locked by the cops
Instead I hopped on a jet and found stages to rock

Gate Sauce On The Beach

A standout cut from Irv's 2013 mixtape "Power Level", now with accompanying visuals.

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