Monster Lyrics Iron Solomon feat. Saigon & Emilio Rojas

[Verse One: Iron Solomon]
This a cause for celebration for the monster generation
Who been calm and sitting patient for a proper education
Or an honest explanation ‘bout the trials and tribulations
People dying in our nation, seeing lies in on every station
Hear corruption from our preachers, still they say to follow Jesus
Or our economic leaders starting wars on foreign teachers
Haven’t gotten what was promised from they presidential speeches
Plus the homes we from are broken so we picking up the pieces
When our parents couldn’t reach us, our professors wouldn’t teach us
And our coaches didn’t play us, they just left us on the bleachers
And the judges don’t believe us, they just judge us on our features
They just cuff us and release us, have us running from polices
So I’m standing in a courtroom, middle finger to your honor
I’mma live just how I wanna, pills, liquor, marijuana
What you reap is what you sow so what we giving you is karma
What you gave us is what made us into motherfucking monsters

Monster, they saying I’m a monster
Saying I’m a monster, a motherfucking monster
They saying I’m a monster, they saying I’m a monster
They Saying I’m a monster, I’m a motherfucking monster

[Verse Two: Saigon]
Motherfuckers looking at me strange ‘cause there’s blood on my fangs
And my shirt and even my jeans are both covered with stains
And the smell of human remains ‘bout to drive them insane
Like the night of the living dead when they was hollering brains
From a cannibalistic animal, twisted off of the same shit
Michael Jackson was sniffing when he was walking that dame
Back home from the movie theaters, then he turned into the park
After midnight, something evil was lurking in the dark
You wanna know why I did it? Bitch, I did it for fun
Niggas is done, useless as a trigger-less gun, you Olympus’s son
Yeah but you ain’t as sick as this one, I’m a rapper
Even my appetite be bigger than Pun and I’ll happily slap the pee
Out of whack MCs if he haggle me, exactly, crackling
Frankenstein is in back of me, that’s Emilio, Solomon and Saigon
The motherfucking lyrical mon-mon-mon-monster


[Verse Three: Emilio Rojas]
I’m a little bit of ether, a little bit of evil and a little bit of art
On the easel, I’m a motherfucking mix of all the shit that I done seen
Like all the plagues and the diseases, the hatred and the demons
This what happen when you introduce a prostitute to Jesus
No meat is where I’m from, ain’t no heat is where I’m from
We survive the coldest Winters and hold heaters in our palms
The preacher read his songs, the shit be leading us from harm
But the streets is so inviting, they gon’ keep us in they arms
From Generation X to Generation Exorcist, no stressing right and wrong
We just stressing if there’s evidence, it seems like nowadays
We get excited over excrement and bitches buying bodies
To exaggerate they measurements, I never been the type to hold my tongue
So I’mma be a beast until the folks with torches come
You ain’t got the right to choose, nah, I’m the chosen one
‘Cause I was born in Hell, I’m the Devil’s only son, I’m a motherfucking monster


For the second release off his "Killer" mixtape Iron Solomon links up with Saigon and Emilio Rojas.

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