Burgundy Shit

Burgundy Shit Lyrics Iggy Azalea

[Sample playing]
I never meant to hurt you
I never wanted to see you cry

[Iggy: Verse 1]
Usually I don't like thugs, who bust guns but
I got a thing for this burgundy one
Even though I can't read him, too much dirt on his palms
For me to see exactly what he got in his heart
Even though I know the seventh letters hold it in together
Even though he got an ex who's still around, he will do better
When he ready, when he pick me to be honest, it is all the same as long as you are with me
I see other couples flimsy, we be homies till you ready. When other girls you fucking start to make you feel empty
I'll be there for that scene, I'll be waiting in the wings
For you to turn to my page - let beautiful begin with me

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