Have You Seen Me

Have You Seen Me Lyrics Hopsin

[Intro: Hopsin]
Today's Thursday November 7th, 2013
And I'm fed up with doin' all of this business
Hopsin Knock Madness shit, man
Fuck this rap game

[Hook: Hopsin]
I swear to God I'm feelin' so sick
It's like I don't know where my home is
A nigga gone, you can see it in my eyes
I ain't even got to straight to fucking cry
So tell me if you can find me... where'd I go?
Have you seen me? I don't know
You see I used to think that my money would bring me happiness
And now I can't believe this is happening
Where did I go?

[Verse 1: Hopsin]
A nigga feel gone, lost, ain't got no purpose
Spent a year locked in churches tryna jot the verses
But I'm stuck with these rotten curses
Every time I rap you can hear the pain burn through
'Cause I never had a real family to turn to
I got shit on my nerves, to give me the urge to yell curse words
But I'm really tryin' to learn to keep it all under control
But I can't cause I'm stuck in a hole
The devil tryin' to fuck with my soul
Makin' me a slave to the game
Takin' away my joys and then handing me a bucket of gold
No! I don't want it no more
Take these groupies, I ain't fuckin' your whores
Imagine bein' fed when your stomach don't roar
I wake up every morning and I'd rather cold war
"Fuck my life!" The fuck am I doin', man?
"Hopsin, you're the man"
"I love all your songs, I'm like a really big fan"
Issues occured, it started back in high school
When I used to get beat on
Now I hide myself with contacts and the fame's a drug I O-D on


[Outro: Hopsin]
This is not on my album
I just made it today cause I just needed to vent, and talk
Sittin' in this fucking basement, it's driving me crazy
I'm weird now, I can honestly say that I'm fucking weird
I have changed
But I didn't go Hollywood
I don't know what the hell, I don't know, man

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