Young Dreamer

Young Dreamer Lyrics Honey Cocaine

Can you hear me? (can you hear me?)
Young dreamer (young dreamer)
Listen to me (listen to me)

[Verse 1]
I was a real youngin’ with a fake ID
I had dreams to buy ice and I play my heat
Them rich rappers rap but they ain’t like me
I was broke, feeling like the world hates my dreams
A dollar and my destiny is all I got
I’m from the cold Toronto where the block is hot
A kid from the ghetto ‘s what I always thought
Like I ain’t never gonna be all the things I’m now, wow
I guess it was fake for a minority
Now who fuckin' with the youngin’? A majority
To the haters I’m just tryin’ to let my story free
So if you hatin’ and I’m sorry, I ain’t sorry G
To the homies who all live by crime
I pray to God you don’t die doing time
My niggas tellin’ me I’m missin’ the scene
Cause a youngin’ can’t help but dream (but dream)

Young dreamer (young dreamer)
Young dreamer (young dreamer)
Young dreamer keep dreamin’
Young dreamer stay alive
Young dreamer don’t die
Can you see all this gold?
All that gold

[Verse 2]
What a poor kid with a heart of wealth
A brain of a genius I made myself
Well, it wasn’t hard to tell
The rap shit is easy, I swear to my health
I better die if I lie today
I live the truth to respect my ways
To all my homies at the set I pray
Just feel a youngin’ in the shit I say
I know I got something now
But you know that I used to have nothing, wow
And you ain’t gotta rap to win
You just gotta lose or your acts a sin
Cause we blessed nigga, it’s a test nigga
First gets worse, you do your best nigga
To all the youth of the world with their dreams stolen
Just stay tryin’, just try cause your dreams golden
Close your demons, keep the dreams open
I missed the homies but a G has spoken


Get educated
Sunny diamonds

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