Fan (Remix)

Fan (Remix) Lyrics Hit-Boy feat. 2 Chainz

[Bridge: Hit-Boy]
Ass (Hot)
The way you dance (Hot)
Girl your stance (Hot)
I got plans (I drop it)
Move that ass (Hot)
The way you dance (Hot)
Girl your stance (Hot)
I got plans (I drop it)

[Verse 1: Hit-Boy]
Pop it, pop it, girl you got it, got it
In this seat for like three weeks, girl I been watching, watching
You walk in with all your girls, all solid and thorough
You bouncin' left to right, you treat this club like it's your world
The truth, the truth, damn that ass's the truth
It's a couple things I'm a fan of, that's henney money, and you
And they doin' things, they doin' things that everybody can do
But them basic hoes, them basic hoes, that's anybody but you
Cause you one of a kind, you all them kinds and one
A lot of ten's a lot of nine's, but I'm tryin' to find the one
Cause paper-chasing you 'bout that, lane-livin', I doubt that
Clutch matching your outfit, them new heels that ain't out yet
They say that pretty dresses are worn to be taken off
So you wear that Vera Wang and make sure that no love is lost
And I know you see me watching, I admit it girl you caught me
Fuck a camera let me be your paparazzi, cause --

[Hook: Hit-Boy]
Girl, If you was a star
I would pull up to your show
Spend my last dollar, to be in the front row
Stand out in the line, in the rain or in the snow
I'd do anything, just to let you know
That I'm a fuckin' fan, I'm a fuckin' fan (girl)
I'm a fuckin' fan, I'm a fuckin' fan (god damn)
I'm a fuckin' fan, I'm a fuckin' fan (girl)
Girl I'm a fuckin' fan, you don't understand (god damn)
Cause the way you move that --


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Rubberbands can you understand? how my dick a fan
Im so cool I'm like fuck a fan
can you comprehand poppin two
Im used to coppin two
I got dick for sale
.....try to shop with me like I got dick for sale
posted up, what am I supposed to do?
I had a lot
I dine, pour and bury me at pappadeaux
popular, switch flows, switch clothes
told em all I get is cheese bitch switch pose
What's your real name?
my my my
might get married at legends and gil sain
you cant trust a big butt and a smile
especially now, can't tell if they real or if they not
look at these bitches cant tell if they real or they not
look at these bitches cant tell if they real or they not
figured it out
this is my father dick em out
and you a star
I cant wait to see you at night



[Break x3: Hit-Boy]
Yo, you right there on that poll
Take it down a little lower
Watch these dollars drop on that floor

You aint gotta sing
gotta hit no stage
just to feel the same
even if nobody new your name
girl, cause


Fan (Remix)

Producer turned rapper Hit-Boy remixes his track "Fan" adding 2 Chainz to the mix. The original appeared on his "HITstory" mixtape. This is gunna be Hit-Boy's single, and the two are shooting a video for it so keep an eye out for that.

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