Separated (Real From The Fake)

Separated (Real From The Fake) Lyrics Havoc

[Verse 1: Havoc]
We all gathered here today to say goodbye to the lies bitch
Hammer hit a nigga face, got him talking high pitch
Falsetto like you belong in a pair of stilettos
You drinking a woman’s drink, I’m on that hennessy level
You sounding real sentimental, and soft in your hooks
Can’t believe how this nigga dress I get nauseous when I look
20 20 vision but had to take another look
Who would've thought it was fiction like the motherfucking book
Keep, using them 48 laws wrong get murked
You used to spit bars but now you just churp
Like a love bird, and most of your album is for the love birds
Son be wilding, I keep it a thousand
You trying on blouses
Prove a nigga wrong, put your money where you mouth is
What happened to the principles, your style not about shit
This is what you call beef, I’m about to take a cowshit

[Hook: Havoc - x2]
Separate the real from the fake
The fake from the real
Wipe that little smirk off your grill
Niggas must be sniffing out the bills
Out ya motherfucking mind
You probably popped too many pills
And when we bring it to you all you probably do is squeal

[Bridge: Ferg Brim]
(And when we bring it to you) The fear run through you
And paralyze thoughts, homie I'm too boss
You done woke a sleeping giant prepare to get dwarfed

[Verse 2: Havoc]
Just liability so I gotta write you off
And toss to the side, ya hide is too soft
You pussy like clitoris
You addicted to the dickriding and can't get off it
Turn your children to orphans
Fuck outta here, you my offspring
Gave you that life that you talking
QB till my motherfucking coffin
Burning that sour till I'm coughin'
And high as a plane, I'm just riding my lane
It's not broke, why fix it? Why the fuck would I change?
Spit the shit that go inside a nigga vein
Pictures on me in my crib cause I'm a thing
Tired of imposters, take 'em off the rosters
Then I be at your door with the motherfucking choppers

[Hook: Havoc - x2]
Separated (Real From The Fake)

Havoc releases another track from his upcoming album "13". This one is on the heels of coming clean about dissing fellow Mobb Deep member, Prodigy on Twitter. Is he taking shots at P in this cut?

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