Rising ft. Tech N9ne

Rising ft. Tech N9ne Lyrics Harry Fraud

Mixtape: High Tide EP

I feel high...
I feel really high...

[Verse 1]
Feel like I'm in the sky with Roger Troutman
Looked down and saw the hating, a lot of doubting
But I've got a mouth that really do flow like a water fountain
Raising Hell, but they can tell, "gloomy" is all I'm shouting
Dying to rip it, crying "I am the sickest"
Rhyming explicit, high-end but you're buying the ticket, see?
This is me, dismissing this, hiss if he disagree
Mr. T, spit the free so quick and give his chick a D
Okay, I'm back, having everlasting life
When you're rapping right, let me get it
I ain't asking nice
Bashing mics, ripping it even if I'm half in height
It'll be smashing wide to get her open like Aston pipes
Alarmingly, God, I'm really horny and hot, on
But I'm warning the Dada
That he really don't want no corny insider
You're beed on bread, soft, you're floating, long dead
Hell I'm giving 'em is burning as arm, leg, leg, arm, head
Sheesh! It's a mothefucking relief!
My nigga Reef sent it from Casey
Mold them Harry Fraud beats
I can barely be calmed, yet
Not too ever beyond Tech
Hip Hop's a popularity contest
Very odd, they evil, and really God
But when I hit 'em up in a cherry Dodge
Metamorphosis, scary broads
Merry fairies carry bras, I'm gonna bury y'all
Necessary job by Nina and Harry Fraud


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