Numbers On The Boards Freestyle

Numbers On The Boards Freestyle Lyrics Gunplay

Livin' legend, nigga...
Livin' legend, nigga...
Livin' legend, nigga...

[Verse 1]
Fuck is my name? No sucker for fame
Never tucked in a chain, what, you fuckin' insane?
You little brat, we ain't nothin' the same
No new lieutenant, same crew in the game
Bang! Dang, I must be super insane
To punch 50 in the face and beat a sentence in vain
Murder, meyhem, machines and machetes in the AM
Pirellis on the Lam' and I'm barely in the lab
Very good at math
You niggas from the street? I'm from the belly of the ave'
Berettas or the jabs
Can't bargain with a Carbon 15
Parched and fatigued in my starch fatigues
Waitin' for the income and marchin' fiends
Try and pump up from pawns to kings
From under the porch light to pickin' the Porsche type
From doublin' dirty money that I'm forced to clean
Gettin' high, not carin' what the poison is
I be whippin' babies like some noisy kids
Every day, steak, lobster, oysters, ribs, bibs
Man, them fakes be recordin' fibs
Torch, new Bimmer, got no miles and rims
Control the trap like the house on Sims
It was all good a week ago, now it's no grins
For all y'all niggas, no wins
And I'll go polish my rims
And scrape gum off the bottom of my Timbs
Whack a motherfucker, give his partner a glimpse
Slingin' Add' at your front door
You need guns? I want war

[Outro: Jay Z]
Motherfuckers can't rhyme no more
'Bout crime no more...

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