Hold it Down (Prod by Cardiak)

Hold it Down (Prod by Cardiak) Lyrics Gudda Gudda

[Intro: Gudda Gudda]
God bless the child, like I hold his own
God bless the child, like I hold his own

[Verse 1: Gudda Gudda]
No complaints, like is all good ain't it?
I'm maintainin' in the game where the game changes
Homies that I grew up became strangers
I'm still the same, but they changes when I became famous
I spell that word out its Fam and us in it
I believe in my dream, but you didn't put your trust in it
I'm goin' up, and my real niggas stay down
Now we at the table food fightin' throwin' cake around
I'm talkin' chicken to cheddar ect.
Surround yourself with better people it only better ya
Sharpen up my lyrics to bury competitors
I pray before I write in the booth, I'ma predator
Chasing M's, I'm talkin' several
So I can open up the doors and get the revenue
I wont stop til its on
Turn my workers into bosses so they can hold they own

[Hook x2: Gudda Gudda]
Damn it feel good to be a made nigga
Death before dishonor to the grave nigga
And I'ma hold this shit down
Feet planted to the pavement I got ten toes down yeah

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
Tents on my strong and Im still gone
Exposin' all the fake and now the real showin'
This is chess not checkers, get your game up
I'da kept it real for too long for me to change up
Money on my mind, what you thinking bout?
Got some niggas in the street, I'm tryin' to take em out
Thats what a boss do, horse shoe on the back of my pants
Thats my True Religion when I walk through
I praise God for the blessings he gave me
I got some demons in my closet, I hope he save me
No pops, but my mama did raise me
She told me cut the grass and watch the snakes creep
Yeah one hand on the bottle
Praying while I got my other hand on the rifle
All I need is God and my guns and a couple real niggas by my side and Im good

[Hook x4]

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