Thirtsy (Prod. By C4)

Thirtsy (Prod. By C4) Lyrics Gucci Mane

Mixtape: Trap Back 2

Broke bitch grew up in the hood, eat fish sticks
Hood bitch state that she the shit but you ain't bitch
You's a thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho
Thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho
She a hood bitch, on the dream suck a rich man dick
If you got mo babies than the motherfuckin trap bitch
You's a thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho
Thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho

[Verse 1]
It's Gucci in this bitch, I put my Bentley on 4's
This one for the hoes like to play with ding dongs
Got no paper problems baby, paper plane full of hard love
You see your shoes belt boo, bag full cunt knox
If you ain't suckin dick why the fuck you got your tongue pierced
Baby girl them headshots, you can't fool Guwap
Grew up like 2 Pac, purple drink no Ciroc
Need to buy a weed whacker for my new weed spot
Flashback '95, '87 T top
Your girl suck a nigga cock to a nigga Nina
Cooking dope in dirty house in my damn tea pots
Selling dope in throws a tree and I ain't never re-route
Niggas bust some heads so pull it a couple stone
Bad bitch fine, kids fine muthafucka
Gave you my kids and they blamin you for extra though
Gave you my kids but I gave em all a twinky though


[Verse 2]
I had this fine bitch with me but she thirsty dog
In the Maybach with me, opened up my curtans dog
Baby you fine but you riding with me is a no touch clause
And this your second violation cause you waved your clause
Dirty Sprite, codeine, baby step your game up
If your boyfriend broke, don't bring my name up
If you keep suckin dick like that you gon get famous
Man this ho so thirsty got a signed disclaimer
I had a girl go to spear me was a good good brain
At first she wasn't good so I had to train her
I had to pull ruga in, she was her personal trainer
I try to marry in the family just to get this cocaine up
And the Charger cost 100, that's a whole another lane
I'm in the T back cop 100 bitch to step up yo game
I'm in your Bentley, spend 400 bitch a whole another lane
It's Guwap AKA bitch it's Big Gucci Mane, gwap


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