Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Lyrics Gucci Mane

They say money is the root of evil
I say money is the reason why I'm so rude to people
Ten women on a date and I'm tree nigga
I gotta say my grace I'm eating on you pussy niggas
Uh, I got more money then a principle
I graduated from the streets now I'm invisible
Everybody wanna be me cause they can't see me
Everybody wanna join cause they can't beat me
They say my swag get sick and I need treatment
And these niggas can't see me like a young Stevie
I brought my Ray Charles locs and that good smoke
I went to straight to the top but he went broke

Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder
Black shades, I can't see you, Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder
I'm a living legend just like Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder
Diamonds sticking on my wrist just like Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder
You niggas never see me y'all like Stevie Wonder

I beat another case I feel like Gotti did
I was born in the mob I feel like gotta kid
My ice killed the club get a body bag
And I ain't talking luggage but I gotta lot of bags
Stupid, stupid swag on 'em
Crazy, crazy cash on 'em
Shit is gettin' contagious money might just have a rash on it
It's gue-whop in that new drop
And I'm coming back like 2Pac
You niggas don't see me like a blind man
I forget the time about two clock
First day I came home I been going, going gone
Walking around bumping everybody
Cause I can't see I just hear about it
Live a crazy life and you can read about it
That 4-5 I can't leave without it
I need black shades I can't see without it
If you talk about it then be about it

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