Say Dat Then (Prod. By C4)

Say Dat Then (Prod. By C4) Lyrics Gucci Mane

I got my bitch boy running cuz your boy go in (then say that then)
Boyfriend check, bitch where you've been
(Fuck you been?) (Then say that then)
Got that big face Rollie girl now we twins (then say that then)
I'mma buy my bitch a Mercedes Benz (then say that then)
I'mma take you out and all your friends (then say that then)
We don't want to shop
We club hop bottle the pop
Y'all niggas broke then say that there
Got my girl friend number and my airfare number
Got my bad friend Hummer don't play with him
Say want dope then say that then
If you going broke then say that then
If you wanna race then say that then
If you wanna get with me then say that then
Say that there say that there
Bought my bitch a Mercedes Benz
Then say that there then say that then
Wanna go to war then say that then

[Verse 1]
Gucci Man's a ladies' man, a ladies' man, a ladies' man...
Always in the best fashion
I stay rocking the latest man
Bought my bitch a Benzy
Cause she say shes a Mercedes fan
I trapping like its '88
I feel like I'm a Reagan man
I told my girlfriend hide me in the attic I'm a wanted man
My bitch so bad they'll whoop your head
Might hang you probably cut your hair
Yellow black Ferrari bring the ketchup I'm a mustard fan
26s on my Jeep but still it goes down custom fast
Gave my girl a 20 ball she spend the 20 excra fast
Said fuck that mall she shop online
Cause she can't tote no shopping bags
Stop poppin' your bourgeoisie ass
Gucci Mane got stupid cash
Cook it like a tutor (tutor)
You look like a cougar
And since you love me so much
Won't you go buy me a Ruger
Hi, my name is Gucci
Let me introduce my shooters
My boy Powder'll do you (pow)
Teebow put it to you (cash)
I was just a 1 percent
That 50's on Sicilians (straight drop)
Do y'all all remember
Don't it sound familiar
It's Brick Squad 1017 my nigga
That's my La Famiglia


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