May 1st

May 1st Lyrics Glasses Malone

We have time to ... grass type
Only thing higher is the cash price
Can’t blame em rest of us put the
As the niggas in the ..really have lfie
If we do it clatchy 44 max type
Let’s go, nigga tryin to get our cash right
Type nigga have a .. scare ..everywhere with some dollar in the cash
Brought terry terry terry terry like a ..
She get it .. darkest moments when the devil ..
When it’s all .. notice in your mail box
Left pack .. on the shelf top
The situation bring the peace out nigga
And they wonder why they squeeze the round triggers
All the poverty provide desperation and ..
Feel the pressure desperation and morass
Make you wish you .. alive
So you make it feel a heat ..
That’s how you ride, it is what it is, nigga do what it gotta
When it’s time to do the ..

Guess it’s all gonna change and some gonna die
Guess it’s all gonna change
Guess it’s all gonna change and some gonna die
Guess it’s all gonna change

Is it me or pass the rank me
Seem like every poor from some lost house ..
And once again you see how high .. is
..harder that’s why they call me glasses
..type em motha f*cka ...
... nigga teach you like a brother nigga
They pull out .. like another nigga
And your b*tch says .. she nigga
Ain’t no love in the heart city of the angels
When nobody plan.. when the cribs don’t .. and the dogs .. get ..
Man we can play one of the two parts one is puching .. and one is puching ..

Don’t understood the pressure
..choose by the prices .. this possessions
That possessor .. time to be the ..
Yeah judge and that shit ..
I don’t like you that’s why .. and f*ck crew ..
Who knew i’ll be the last man ...the weather didn’t touch it
Nigga aint’ funny but they miss every ..
Baby brush it
B*tch like .. and I find myself losted getting legal money
I custom to the
Play my mom in the mirror so she’s the god mother
I miss her and I know she miss me ...
F*ck jerry f*ck ...

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