Rollin Lyrics Game feat. Kanye West, Trae Tha Truth, Z-Ro, Paul Wall & Slim Thug

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[Intro x2: Kanye West]

Will I ever change in this life?
My grandma said I'll never change and she right
Y'all think that L.A. gang bangin’ shit hype
Well you finna find out what the game be like

[Verse 1: Game]

Red rag on my rear view
No tint in the Porsche, see clear through
God screaming up out them speakers so loud
that a nigga can't hear you
Wake up to a diamond cross, I'm a Christian
Got a nigga feeling like Obama 'nem
Niggas shot out my windows, they yelling, say envy
They spit on my 'Rari, they keyed up my Bentley
They went at my top dog like Ab-Soul and Kendrick
I said I'm a killa', god damn it I meant it
I said I sold crack, nigga bubbling skillets
At my grandma's house, I was selling work in it
And god bless her soul, she died
Back out the four, load up the five
Pop up the trunk, load up them pies
Aye 'Ye, ain’t this how them niggas do it in the Chi?
Vice Lords, GD’s
Crips, Bloods and Impalas on gold Ds
Yesterday a nigga swore he was the man in the hood,
Now he begging for his life on both knees
I'm a killer, no Cody’s
Ask 40 Glocc, therse niggas don't know me
Got a problem, Blood, then come show me
I'm on rose crayons and them Kobe's
Got diamonds off in my Rollie,
Granddaddy stuffed in my stogie
Motherfuck them Axel Foleys
Where I'm from, niggas shootin’ at the police
Man these fucked niggas got me screwed up
I'm like Papa Smurf in that blue truck
Red hat, red pants, walkin’ inside dreams with the kush in my hand

[Hook x4: Z-Ro]

Rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin'
Them drugs up

[Verse 2: Trae The Truth]

Young nigga 15, broke, livin’ the scene
Sawed off in my pants, ‘bout to go make the lean
Finna' rob me a nigga who’s money wasn’t the same
Somebody gon' give it to me,
or you wanna feel the blade
Mama used to stroke it just to feed me scraps
Every Saturday, it was YO! MTV raps
Got sick of lookin’ at other niggas that ain't deserve it
so I followed my older so I beat these traps
I ain't worried about the love, I've seen everything
The hood hot, like the devil had it up in his hands
And a strap in the waist, seen a couple of feds
Last pack, I put down a couple of bands
To think, cause of the heat I was doing that shit for shoes
But they would give it to me everyday I was payin’ dues
I was a young wild nigga missin’ a couple screws
In the hood, when I'm scared, only thing I'mma use
When I'm…


[Verse 3: Paul Wall]

Mane, hold up
Young and my team’s with a cup full of lean
and a 4-0 tucked
No more sleep, gotta get more bucks
OG rolled up
Stakes are high, so I pray to God
the folks don't roll up (don’t roll up)
Big sister told me I need to grow up
But I need that money, better not crumb me
Coppin’ bands and my codeine coming
Tryin’ to get blow like my nose was runny
I work for mine, you can't take that from me
Wrap it up, like a Egyptian mummy
And have it ready when I roll on up
Stackin’ dough on up, from the floor on up
And I'm all through the hood like a ice cream truck
Just rollin'


[Verse 4: Slim Thug]

Keep kush rolled, and that drank I'm holding
In the candy caddy' with with ninety-forty
Bought a drop, put it in the shop
But everythin’ I got on that bitch stolen
Had a grill but couldn't afford the wheels
Had paint, but it wasn't candy
Kick endo to try and get that dough
Whole family know, so they couldn't stand me
Ran and told your mama, come get your son
Mama like “now what the hell he done?”
Brother had bricks, but didn't give me shit
So when he went to the pen, I ain't said no shit
Mama at work, so I ran the house
Ray on lock, so now I’m the boss
Turn that face up like it Mary Jane
I was slanging 'caine, got us all kicked out


[Outro: Game]

From Compton, all the way to Chi-Town
Back on down to Houston, Texas baby
Trae The Truth, Z-Ro, Slim Thugga, Paul Wall
Common, Kanye West, and The Game
Jesus Piece
Either you got one, you want one, or you ‘bout to rob a nigga for one
So what's it gon' be, nigga?

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