4FRR Lyrics G-Scott feat. Ibn Inglor

You're now rockin with the man of the hour
You're now rockin with the man of the hour
30 bad bitches taking champagne showers

4 finger ring 2 gold chains
4 finger ring 2 gold chains
4 finger ring 2 gold chains

Though I'm light up on the scale
I be heavy in the game

[Verse 1: G-Scott]
This that 4 finger ring rap
Jeremy Scott wing straps
She don't want to leave I
So she got her jeans jacked
When she heard me rap
Dope shit relapse/
X.O. tic tac hotel full of cat oh
You say you work harder than who? I doubt it/
Trying to get my cards no limit so yeah I'm bout it bout it/
Aspiring model bitches off Molly up in the lobby
We fuck them pack up they things then tell em to get a hobby/
I swear I swear I swear I swear I'm not asshole
Just can't deal with women messing round with my cash flow/
13 hour shifts but I'm asking where my cash go?
80 for the Bape boxers I might as well let my ass show Pause/
BBC how much it cost them/
If awesome was a bitch guess I'm fucking awesome/
I just do it for the love like a married couple/
And this shit that's in my cup got me seeing double/
Double d's at the Double Tree/
Shit I think I'm Rick James 1983/
Cold blooded her name what was it?
Not too good with those unless they come with a budget/
And y'all talking is cheap shut when talking to me/
Walked in with 3 hoes it's feeling like Christmas eve/
Gifted now light trees baby jeez I'm sorry about your weave/

[Verse 2: G-Scott]
I went broke, came up
Still gave no fucks/
Team on a Mil walk did it all no bucks/
Thought that I'd slow up?
Aw damn no luck/
You balling on the bench I'm finna jumbo tron blow up/
That’s C4 kill the game G4
No hoes before now they barely rock any clothes/
I'm my own hero
Comas, more zeros
I ain’t dealing with you Fockers if it ain't about Deniros/
Ben Stiller shit pull off in the dealership/
4 finger dope ring describe just how I'm feeling bitch/
Maison Margiela, sorry can't afford it
Guess I'll cop it when profit significantly less important/
Want work to be less like work and somewhat more like recording/
Until then I'm in a zone 23 I feel like I'm Jordan/
My next goals to hit London that's overseas and or Lauren/
Gold chains you niggas is getting boring/

[Verse 3: Ibn Inglor]
Bape, Dior, I be on that Maison Margiela shit
Givenchy scarves I be on, spitting for my audience
Picture it I'm switching shit, flows so ridiculous
Gypsy bitch I'm getting with and bitches in my kitchen in
Naw nigga, getting dough cause I'm the nigga
The nigga floss put the gold in the jar
Heavy chains, got heavy chains on my heart, that I rock well
Black Scale Patrick Mohr, Mohr's on my black heels
Riding Round Town, Glory So Inglorious
Inglor would spit, When 40 in
Hoping That His Audience, When 40 Is
Flipping flows, vintage spring 54
13 for the Leaders with pockets full of that denim ho
Preme for my niggas, The Scott's is only for Season
Versace gold for my nina
Rocking gold as a senior
Citizens Are My People though, and flipping flows
So that I get the dough and blow with my niggas, so

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